How Erotic Fantasy Life Was Created

Who doesn’t love fall? The weather is cool which makes one want to cuddle, drink hot chocolate, cider and donuts and fuck the fall and winter away while we wait for spring to fuck like rabbits. lol….

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Perfect for crumb catching lol


Yes, it’s true I am actually thinking serious thoughts. I do not understand why people are so afraid to meet the very person they are meant to meet. Why must we be so insecure and lack the ability to take that one step forward? Or, is it actually me? I am not worth the effort? Im nothing but a fantasy online but reality to scary?  What is it going to take to make this feeling of inadequacy to leave my heart? Let’s stop the games, pull up our balls and go for it.

True Fur Love

I had to put down one of my yorkies in May and it broke my heart. I got another puppy in October and another the end of December and Elle loves to cuddle me and nap and Linsey likes my lap. I have become the crazy pet lady with 2 rescue cats and three Yorkies.

I love nature and animals and I like to lie on the grass and look into the sky and feel at peace.

Chilaxing with one of my rescue cats -the rest of my animal world are napping.

The simplest things make me happy .,,,,

thinkingFeelin’ bitchy lol

Photo on 9-21-17 at 1.44 PM

That’s my fitbit -Im allergic to metal and can only wear gold, maybe thats why I dont wear jewelry-I dont have any niece pieces. The safety pin touched my skin so now my chest is broke out in a rash.

Photo on 9-21-17 at 1.43 PM #3I dont have many pictures of myself but ran across this one-

Kim in Green copy

Packing and Sorting junk – getting ready for the big move.  Yep, finally getting my house back on the market. This time it should sell  but in the mean time im packing shit and pitching.

Not to bad for just waking up but the breathe – o my gotta go brush my teeth.

Photo on 6-4-17 at 11.26 AM

The Little girl in me with great grandma golda and grandpa Rinewalt.


My friends got married in Las  Vegas, the man sitting to my left died three years later of esophagus cancer, rip Dave.



To bad you cant see me now, I look nothing like my old photos. You spend way to much time fantasizing and wishing. You have swam with sharks without fear but for some reason I scare the shit out of you. Is it because I will not pretend to like you if I dont? Is it because you cannot buy me like everyone else? Is it because I am not a bimbo like most other women????? I will not add you on skype, respond to the text, I just will not give you the time of day? Do you know why???? Because life is to short to waste and with my current emergency surgery I learned to embrace every second of every day and not waste it on those that just wont meet me face to face.  I truly hope you find someone that intrigues you like I do and I do hope you find true happiness.

If nothing else you have to admit I have great taste in music.

What is wrong with you? You dont want to even meet me yet you wont leave me alone online. You think you are so sly but I know more about you than you think. How many times are you going to come back to this page? You enjoyed the cat and mouse game you have played with me but I no longer will play. Unlike you, I will not settle for a comfortable relationship that is nothing more than convenience.

See this finger? Yep its waving at you-yes Im deleting your fb pages following me, you willl never figure out my passwords again so dont bother. Keep wasting your time with someone that wont be with you to much longer unless of course youre giving white picket fences and babies. Im obviously not pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, intelligent enough or enough period for you. Leave me alone move on and forget that I ever was in your life. You get off on playing with me online but Im done, yes I will delete you every time you contact me or make remarks on my fb. Seriously, move on already……

Welcome to my blog, it is a series of short stories interlinked about sexual fantasy’s that I have had from time to time. As a 55 yr. old widow I along with everyone else have had sexual fantasies, but so many people refuse to let those “secret moments of desire” out and share them with their partner. Sexual desire is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, it is purely natural to have desires of passion and sex.

I felt it necessary to put my fantasies on paper and share them with other’s. Letting the world know it is perfectly acceptable to masturbate and have physical desires past the age of 20 is part of the body and ones needs. BDSM is something that enhances sex but is not about sex. BDSM is about control either taking or submitting to  that control and can include sex but is not sexually driven.

Men as well as women enjoy knowing their partners secret fantasies, it makes sex so much more exciting and makes the partner more desirable. Men love lingerie, not the cheap red and black outfits, but the corsets, garter belts, stockings, black high heels and crotchless panties.

Photo on 8-3-16 at 4.33 PM

Go out to dinner and wear that under your dress, as you are about the have an apéritif, slowly take his hand and let him rub your thigh, encourage him to go higher and higher, he will glide between your thighs and find your sweetness, wet and warm waiting for him, he begins to rub your clit and you are having a hard time breathing you begin to oooooooo and aaaaaahhhhhhh, he has a huge erection, you both slip quickly out of your dinner booth and take the glass elevator up to your room but not before he has you bend over and throws your dress over your head and enters you with such a thrust you almost hit your head on the glass wall, not caring who sees, he shoots his hot cum inside you.

Now that is erotic, hot and exciting and that’s how relationships stay together, the exciting, unexpected but inevitable.


Nap time for me and my girls Lexi and Linsey

Gabriel still missing Michael as much if not more than me. My hopes are he will eventually like the girls instead of being tolerant of them.

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