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I can feel a familiar sensation grow inside me as he makes love to me gently but deeply, as I begin to feel the ecstacy I scream his name, Sean OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Sean do not stop hun, I beg you give me all of you and he plunges into me one more time that brings my body to the heighth of orgasm. My body slides flat onto the bed and he says, o no not yet my love, we are far from finished and he raises my hips back up until I’m on all fours once again. He spreads my ass cheeks and begins to lick my asshole and I am thoroughly enjoying this, he begins to kiss my tailbone as he enters my ass with one finger and then another and then another. He is preparing me for the finale of ultimate pleasure I have never really experienced at this depth. His fingers move in and out of me and I can feel the lubrication as he moves his fingers faster and faster. Finally I am prepared for his entrance and he slowly enters me with his cock hard as granite. He is a big man but extremely gentle as he slowly takes my virginity with the head of his cock.He is in the world of discovery as he enters me further and further and slowly withdraws himself only to enter again and again, this ritual goes on for quite sometime as he does not want to give me anything but pleasure.He has finally put the full length of his manhood inside me and begins to slowly go in and out. His moans of pleasure deepen with each stroke. I am feeling a pleasure that I’m absolutely going crazy over. Sean begins to go faster and faster and I scream “fuck me, don’t stop, keep fucking me hun” he loves me to talk dirty to him and he his fucking me as fast as he can and his moans get so loud that I know his cock is going to explode any second. The sound of pleasure finally escapes his lips and I know he is cumming with the great force as I feel his wetness begin to drip out of my ass and down to my clit and finally dripping off my body onto the lovely sheets.He is spent, yes he has reached the point of no return as he falls to the left of me on his back as I watch his chest rise up and down.