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Our bodies are exhausted from all the sexual pleasure and as I lie my head on his abdomen, I can hear the out cries of an empty stomach. I look up and into his eyes and ask him, still hungry darling? Didn’t I satisfy you enough? He has that come hither look in his eyes and that mischievous grin on his face and laughter escapes his body slowly and ends into a rolling thunder. He says, my dear there is no one that can please me the way you can but I must eat my fill and quench my thirst to start the day. I have a day of dealing with acquisitions and mergers and what shall you do with your day my love? I am really unsure what my plans are as of yet so I just give him my “come fuck me” look and smile. He picks up a remote and pushes a button. Moments later there is a butler wheeling in a cart of the finest Imperial (Golden Ossetra) Caviar and Beluga Caviar, toast points, scrambled eggs with chives and cheese, buttermilk pancakes and Vermont syrup, belgium waffles, fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh ground Brazilian coffee. The butler, James already knows what this mans’ likes and dislikes are and James asks me ” mam what may I serve you on this beautiful morning?” I give him my order and he prepares a plate for me as if I am a queen. He prepares my mans’ plate as well. We pull ourselves up into a sitting position as I cover my nakedness with the sheet. He sets the tray on my lap and the sheet falls to expose my breasts, to my embarrassment. James is a refined gentlemen that ignores my faux pas and continues to set a tray in front of his boss. We begin to eat and drink as James brings in the New York Times and I am totally ignored. Immediately going to the business section, I here a small “shit” come from my partner in crime. He is not happy with what he sees. I lean over and hold a strawberry to his lips and tell him to take a bite as it is to early in the day to be grumpy. He slowly bites into the stawberry  and the rich juice slowly moves over his bottom lip and down his chin and I quickly lick it off. He tells me no time to play dear, lets eat I really must be going. He quickly finishes his breakfast and pours another cup of coffee and heads into the bathroom. I finish my breakfast, giving him private time to expel the waste from his body. I slide out of bed and look out the window, which is one long plate of glass. The city appears to be so small below as this penthouse is on the 49th floor. I stand naked to the world and hug myself, this is some fantasy but damn what a fantasy it is! I slowly walk to the bathroom and notice there is no clothing on the floor, glasses or empty bottles any longer. The maid Josephine, quietly entered the room and tidied up a bit, this amazes me. As I slowly open the bathroom door, I can feel the heat and hear the water of the shower. I slip into the shower with the man of my dreams and take a wash cloth and apply soap to it quickly. I begin to slowly bathe the man that has pleasured me and as I was his back I work my way down to the crack of his ass and slip the wash cloth between his cheeks. I soap up his back side and slowly kiss his neck as I slip my finger into his ass. I begin to work magic with my finger as he begins to moan, I run the bar of soap over his chest with the other hand and remove my finger and turn him around. His cock is granite hard already and I kiss him and wash his chest at the same time. I soap up my hand and work my way to his cock and wash him slowly and gently as I begin to stroke him and wash his balls. He is loving all the attention and begins to wash me as well and he works his way down to my clit and begins to finger me and I’m ready for him in no time. He pushes a button on the wall and out comes a seat for me to sit on. He is a tall man and I am quite short so this is a lovely addition to our morning lovemaking. He picks me up and sits me on the seat and rapidly spreads my legs as far as he can as he gets on his knees, of course there is a knee pad that comes out of the wall as well. He begins to lick my clit and playing with one nipple at the same time. I cannot hold back my orgasm and I am pulling his hair and screaming his name as I cum, not once but twice. He quickly stands up and thrusts his manhood into me and pulls my hips to him, he wants not only to fuck me but to fuck me with every inch of himself. He thrusts in and out and without any warning he let’s out a sound that is not unfamiliar as he squirts his juices into my body. He slowly takes a nipple in his mouth and works his way up to my lips, kissing me gently and he tells me he loves me with the passion of a man truly in love. We finish bathing and step out of the shower and I grab the most luxurious towel and begin to dry him off and he does the same to me. He even begins to run a pick through my hair to untangle it as we stand under  warm heat lamps and blowers. We are dry in a moment and we exit the bathroom to get another cup of coffee. He tells me to go into the dressing room near my side of the bed and as I enter the room, I see a black garter belt, sheer black stockings, crotchless black panties and the most beautiful dress from a Parisian  dress-maker and of course beautiful 4 inch heel shoes. I hear a knock at the door and I say ” come in please” as I stand there naked, a man walks in and tells me his name is Nicholas and  he is a stylist and I am to let him know when I am ready for his services. I get dressed quickly and tell him to please come in, he has me go into the adjoining room and he begins to perform what will become a beautiful hairstyle. He pushes the button on the wall to the intercom and calls for someone named Natasha. She is in the room in seconds and her job is to do my makeup. I am now ready to start my day and face the world with vigor. I walk out of the room to see my man in a custom made black and white pin striped suit and he is gorgeous. I walk up to him and kiss him and tell him how damn good he looks and smells and how I would love to fuck him right this second. He tells me “that will have to wait until later” and we exit the room. We walk down the hallway and I can clearly hear the click of my heels on the Italian marble as we walk up to an elevator that opens automatically. We enter it and start to quietly chat and before I know it we are already on the main floor of the penthouse. We exit and head towards another elevator, but not before passing a huge beautiful mirror and table with fresh cut calla lillies and past the Monet, he is a Monet lover. He loves his art and music and I can hear the soft music of a symphony playing as we enter the elevator. He once again asks me what I will do with my day and I say ” shopping sounds a bit entertaining” he hands me a credit card with my name on it and tells me this is a gift for bringing him so much happiness, he also tells me there is no limit so go enjoy myself. We walk into the street and there is a limo waiting for us, foolish as I am I attempt to open the door and my partner grabs my hand and tells me ” a lady will never open a door in my presence, I have someone that does that job”. The driver walks rapidly around the car and opens the door, removes his had and says “good morning mam, I hope you rested well” as he helps me into the limo. We end up dropping off my sweetheart at the office and continue to fifth avenue so I can start exploring the wonders of the shops. I enter shop after shop filled with the most beautiful clothing but my desires are to purchase a gift for my exotic lover.  Trying to find the perfect gift is unbelievably hard but I finally find something quite fitting for last nights adventures. It is now lunch time and I ask the driver to take me to the office. I enter the building and go into the elevator as the elevator attendant insists on holding my bag and carrying it to my lovers office. The secretary let’s him know I’ve arrived and she shows me into his office, he quickly gets up and walks around his desk to  give me a kiss. I sit on his desk and say “lunch my love” and he says ” not on my desk sweetheart, to many important documents’. He takes me by the hand and we enter another room where a gentleman was repairing Otis, the elevator, he says ” sir the elevator is repaired and usable now” and we do apologize for any inconvenience. All three of us enter the elevator and before I know it I am turned around bent over and my dress is up over my head, my man undoes his pants and I can feel his cock against my cheeks. He whispers in my ear, darling I’m so turned on and he enters me with a deep thrust as I let out a moan, the elevator repairman is watching with pure pleasure and my man begins to fuck me faster and harder, I let out my scream and say ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh don’t stop hon I’m cumming, yes, yes. He withdraws his cock and enters my ass slowly, he is so gentle as he slides himself into me back and forth until he is all the inside me. I am in another world of pleasure and notice that the elevator repairman has removed his cock from his pants and is stroking it with vigor. My lover has grabbed my hips and as he is thrusting into me I can hear him begin to moan with deep pleasure and the elevator repairman begins do to the same. My sweetheart hands me several disposal wet towelettes so I can clean myself and I do rapidly because I know the doors will open any moment.