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I turned on the hot water and then the cold feeling the temperature of the water so it would be just right. I walked back to the closet and removed a floor mat and a towel and headed back into the bathroom. I slowly removed my navy blue spandex shorts and top and sat on the toilet as I brushed my hair and peed.  Why was it no matter what i was doing, if I spread my legs I thought of him, always of him touching me, kissing me, loving me, slowly entering me with the hardness of granite and tenderness of a small puppy.  

I gracefully dipped my toe into the water and it felt perfect as I placed one foot after the other into the warmth. I sat down slowly and was enjoying the water when he popped into my mind, he made me so hot just thinking about his thighs, yes his thighs were so damn sexy. He was so damn sexy period, talking to him was like talking to the only human other than my dad that I had ever spoken too. He understood my pain, suffering, confusion, my quest for happiness. He understood the crazy, wacky me as well as the serious me. My mind drifted off to the touch of his cock in my hand and my mouth, the thought of sucking his cock made me so damn wet in a tub full of water. I turned on the jets and thought of him and speaking his name the closer I came to orgasm. When I finally began the wonderful  feel of the female orgasm I called out to him louder and the orgasm was like riding a roller coaster, up and down up and down, this is what he did to me, made me have multiple orgasms and that had never happened.

My legs were shaking as I attempted to get out of the tub and ended right back on my butt as I was seeing stars as well. Just the thought of this man drove me to orgasm, what really excited me was the fact that I got so turned on by thinking about him I wondered if we both would kill each other having sex………..we shall see now won’t we?