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I sat on the edge of the bed and removed my lace panties very lady like then placed my feet on the bed rails, I was exposed fully and began to touch the delicate flesh of my exposed pleasure point. He stood across the room with a huge hard on and a smile that was startling as he walked over to me and placed his hands on me knees as he knelt. He slowly pushed be back and buried his face into the wetness that was dripping from me, he licked and tugged, sucked and slurped and as I began to cum he would back off and tease me and start all over again. He finally let me explode as he entered me with his finger and slowly kissed my belly and worked his way to my nipples leaving me to feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my door. He began to kiss my neck and attempted to enter me and found it was not as easy as he would have thought, no this woman was serious about no sex for three years and her va j j told that truth. Trying to get into this pussy was like getting into fort knox, not happening without a hole lot of tnt and he had all he needed plus more.

He kissed me on the lips slipping his tongue into my mouth very slowly and passionately as he finally entered me, this gave me the urge to suck in a breath of air like it was my last. The feel of his cock inside me was unbelievable and the way he moved, he knew not to move to fast or too slow and we looked deep into each other eyes as if to say, yes, darling I am home finally I am home.