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This is the final journey of transformation for myself, I have discovered the beauty in the soul, the love in a heart and the gift of an angel from heaven. I have learned many lessons, most of which have been very painful yet learned anyway. I have repeated the same mistakes because I did not get the complete message the first time. During my darkest hours and moments of true need I felt shut out by God, I felt abandoned and alone and only in these moments did I realize that God did not forsake me, he loved me unlimitless and wanted me to be the best I could be and the darkest hours ended up being lit by the brightest of lights that shown down on me from the heaven’s.

I was given no promises of a rose garden or even a field of weeds but what had been given to me was priceless, I had been given the greatest gift of all the gift of touch. I could touch a sad soul. I had the gift of communication in numerous forms and when you could read the unwritten words of my heart only then do you see who I am.

I do not look at my life and ask why because why not me? I am a soldier of the spirit, a leader in life and I have a responsibility to others to show them what their own heart conceals. I have my own angel and even at times he gets a wing caught in the door and through his devine intervention I have found within myself a person of beauty and love, a person that is kind and sincere, a person that wants her angel’s happiness before her own.

A true angel will give you the knowledge you need to elevate your life because it is known as fact the closer we are with ourselves the closer we become to others.