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I love you babe ya I know I told you I hated you and I did for a brief moment but I confess I love you and you are my angel, watching from the sidelines as I stumble and fall, only to bounce back higher than a superball.

I know you have wanted to fly in and land next to me wrapping me in the safety of your wings but that is not to be, no not as of yet.

You feel my pain across the world and want to be my savior but you cannot, no not as of yet.

You have shed tears knowing of my pain and feeling it as deeply as I and all you want to do is love me but no, no not as of yet.

My wounds have to heal on their time not when my mind says so, only my heart. You sit back with a cold one in the rain using your wings for shelter waiting for the rain to pass but no, no not as of yet.

You dream of me in your arms, lying between my thighs and using your wings to shelter me from all the pain I feel but no, no not as of yet.

I have things to take care of, a list of things to do and I must complete the list first, you want to help me knock down the list down but no, no not as of yet.

You are so impatient sometimes and you have started to chew your wings, stop it it’s not time yet, no not as of yet.

We are almost there, two more weeks and you can fly in, land next to me and engulf me in your wings, yes, yes we will be there then.

Then and only then can I let you into my world because the toxicity level will be so much smaller and together we will help carry each other’s baggage and sail away.