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He was lying on his stomach with his arms by his head and his legs spread, he was snoring lightly and his long hair cradled his angelic face. He was at peace and in a blissful rest and I couldn’t help but touch his back with my fingers ever so lightly. I watched as the goose bumps covered his skin and a bit of a smile appeared on his face.I slid my hand down to his tight ass and patted it gently.

He began to stir and drew his left leg up and tilted his body slightly onto his hip and I could see the tip of his cock peeking out and I knew he was hard, he was so very hard and I knew I had the touch. He sat up quickly and grabbed me throwing me down on the bed and kissing me with all the passion of a man that loved a woman. His kisses became lighter and more romantic as we held each other closely and felt the heat from each others bodies.

We had waited so very long to be together and everything had finally come together including us and it felt right, it was right and it was our destiny to be together. He cupped my breast and took my nipple into his mouth which aroused me like crazy. I got turned on just touching his bare chest and I ran my hand down the length of his body until I reached his cock.

I began to stroke him slowly and tell him I wanted to fuck him and I could feel the pre cum on my hand and I slowly worked my way down to his golden rod and took him slowly into my warm, wet mouth. He began to moan and as I took him deeper into my mouth his moans grew louder and louder and I stroked his cock with my hand as my mouth went up and down on him.

I looked down at his feet and his toes were literally curling and I knew I was making his body dance with excitement and it wouldn’t be long before he entered me slowly and fucking me. He grabbed me and pulled me up to him and kissed me and forced my legs apart and positioned himself for take off. He entered me slowly which took longer than he expected as I was tight, very tight for a woman my age ane when he finally was able to completely enter me he looked into my eyes and said “I love you” with every ounce of love he had.

He quickened his pace and exploded which obviously shocked him as he had staying power but this wasn’t about fucking, this was about two people melting into one as we were meant to be. Neither of us were disappointed we just felt such completeness that we were finally able to be together as we had waited for so very long. There is a moment when two people reach a point that is beyond love, it is a complete awareness of each and nothing matters but the those two people and that is the place we had reached.FINALLY