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My rv is in Jackson and they need water softeners and filters because the water is well water. They do not blow out the lines in the spring so the hose from the spigot to your trailer get filled with rust and you have to let the water run for quite a while before hooking up to your rv. This year I did that as usual but the water wouldn’t go to the bathroom or kitchen sinks.

I figured it can be no big deal and started checking filters which were all clogged up of course. Once I got the filters soaking there was still no water so I was all ass and elbows crawling under the rv looking at the lines. Nothing under there of course and that pissed me off because it is hard for me to crawl under there.

I went to the office and they sent their maintenance man and I went through the list of everything I did. Don’t you know, he went and did the exact same thing and came up with the same conclusion I did, that the T under the sink was clogged. I will be back next Friday and he’s going to blow out the lines and see if that helps.

I don’t get it, why men think all women are incapable of making repairs and to have a brain that isn’t made out of straw.I have a friend that lives in southern Texas and he is the only one that realized that I can take care of a lot of things myself.

He and I are actually no longer friends after thirty years because of his unexpected visit this weekend at my rv. He pulled up in front of my rv in a stretch and I could have died of embarrassment. He stepped out in his custom made suit and shoes and walked over to me and grabbed me, picked me up and planted one square on my lips.

He said darlin’ we are getting married this weekend and I looked at him like he was crazy. He said I know you’ve been thinking about this and I know you have made the right choice for us. I busted out laughing, yes hysterically laughing and peed my pants. I couldn’t talk I was laughing so hard and crying. I haven’t laughed like that since I don’t know when but he couldn’t understand why I was in that state of mind.

When I finally was able to control myself I told him this wasn’t leave it to beaver and I wasn’t June Cleaver. In other words no I didn’t want the happy little home with the 2.5 children and picket fence. No I didn’t want to have a husband support me and no I didn’t want to be his little house wifey.

We talked for awhile but he still couldn’t understand why I didn’t except his proposal and I told him I didn’t love him and he told me I would eventually. I told him I was actually in love with someone else and he brought up the same shit he had said before and I told him that being in love with someone doesn’t guarantee you will ever be together but the feelings are there regardless.

He got pissed and told me I would never see him again and I could just keep waiting for Mr. Loser until I was old and grey and he still would never show up. Well it may be true but I still wouldn’t marry you I told him and off he went and at this point I hope I never see him again. He used to be a regular guy but then he became a billionaire and he changed completely, while I stayed the same.

I don’t see me ever remarrying again because I do not believe that I am good marriage material. I tried the wife routine once but never had a real marriage so I’m not exactly sure what a real marriage is like. If it’s anything like my marriage I do not want to experience it and am quite happy being alone.