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He walked in dripping sweat from the outdoor heat and he looked hot and I don’t mean his body temperature. He was dirty, sweaty and smelly but it didn’t matter as he turned me on every time I thought of him or saw him.

I poured him a glass of sweet tea and he drank it in two gulps, I took a cool wash cloth and washed his face and neck down, which he really was thankful for. I ripped off his shirt buttons flying every which away and undid his belt and unzipped his pants and slid them down quickly.

I gave his entire body a cool sponge bath and that gave him back his stamina. He removed my son dress already knowing there was nothing on underneath it and we slid to the floor. We touched each other delicately and romantically, slowly and deliberately we ran our hands over each others bodies while we french kissed slowly.

He took my face in both of his hands and looked deep into my eyes and told me how happy I made him and that he hadn’t been this happy in over twenty years. That brought tears to my eyes as I never wanted to see him unhappy, I only wanted to see him smile and be the carefree person he was meant to be.

I laid him down on his back and straddled him like a thorough breed race horse as that is what he reminded me of. He held his cock as I slowly lowered myself down on him and he sucked in his breathe quickly as he played with my nipples.

I quickened my pace on my stallion moving back and forth quickly and the friction brought me to an orgasm that was earth shattering and he came because he was so excited at hearing me cum.

We looked at each other and slowly smiled and I dismounted him and we laid side by side with my knee on his thigh and my hand across his chest. He had his arm wrapped around me and we were silent for the longest time and slowly drifted off into slumber.

We woke up and took a shower bathing each other and he picked me up and put me against the wall and entered me. He literally drove me home baby and I loved every second of it.

We finished our bathing and dried each other off knowing the day was to come to an end and he had to go home. He was married and had promised to get a divorce, which of course was a lie as he was connected to wealth, power and lived a prestigious  life he didn’t want to give up for me.

No, I didn’t mean more than his bank account or his polo ponies and that hurt me terribly as I loved him like I had never loved another and would sacrifice anything for him.

I no longer cared that he was married, I wanted him and I was desperate enough to accept his current marital situation. Yes, I was cheating myself but I was beyond lonely and needed the company even though it went against my beliefs.