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Most of us have been in a relationship that we found no longer beneficial but we don’t want to hurt the other person but we no longer want to be with them either. That’s when the big uneasy sets in, we are uneasy around them, don’t really know what to say, have that feeling of wanting physical distance and we pick out every flaw that they have trying to justify our feelings.

Both people begin to feel it and some even say they never saw it coming which is a lie as most chose to live in denial. There isn’t a woman on this earth that doesn’t know when her man has cheated but men never suspect their wives unless it’s almost thrown in their faces.

We stay in relationships because we think “it’s just a phase” the relationship is going through but then the phase doesn’t change for very long and back to the same old same old. Women have a card in their pocket they use and it’s called pregnancy. Women know when they are about to lose their husband and isn’t it a miracle another child is on the way, accidentally of course.

I call it the “save the marriage baby” which never works in the long run or she becomes all sweet and gives up all the sex he wants and talks him into having another child. When the child is born the marriage returns to the same as it was before. The only difference is there is a young child that is used as a pawn or the card the woman holds to keep her man for awhile longer.

Staying in relationships that are not satisifying are mentally damaging to us but we don’t realize it. We slowly become bitter and can no longer see the beauty in life, only the misery. We begun to build a type of hate for the person as if it’s their fault. This is how I felt towards my husband before I filed for divorce and  it grew worse everyday.

If you feel this way you must do what is best for you and the other person because why should both people be cheated out of happiness? Why should both people lie in the same bed hugging the sides? Why should both people have to try to make small talk? Why should both people have nothing to share but their children and what is going on in their kids lives?

This is unhealthy for all and if you are in this type of relationship then you need to grow some balls and do what makes you happy because in the end that is what willl make everyone happy down the road. Yes, it is true even though it doesn’t seem to be.