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I am one disgusting human being and I hate myself for the thoughts I am having, today is my anniversary and he is dead and I am thinking about someone who I want to do many a naughty thing to. I shouldn’t be thinking this way but I can’t help it as I have not been in a man’s arms in so long and the jackoff I am currently seeing just doesn’t have the “it” factor that I am looking for. The man I think of all the time drives me crazy with his strong thighs and his gorgeous smile, I love to hear him laugh and the thought of him gets me through so many difficult times.

I know I let him down by giving away all the money but I have to know if he loves me for me and not the money, that is why I never would want to be rich as I love deeply and it would break my heart if someone was with me for my money or if I were famous. That has got to be hard for people in those positions as there are so many parasites in the world and they will act like your best friend when actually they are a best friend to your wallet.

I am such a tramp as I am thinking of crawling between his naked legs and sucking his cock right this second and I shouldn’t be thinking about him at all. I am thinking of being in a round elevator made of glass that has a round railing that goes all away around and he turns me around and tells me to grab the railing and he lifts my dress to find a naked ass. He fucks me as we are going up to our room and it is these thoughts that make me such a slut and I do not enjoy thinking like this today but actually I do. 

I cannot help myself as I am a sexually driven woman and that is just the way it is and actually I wouldn’t want it any other way. I think of him at my rv and we go for a ride on the golf cart into the woods and I start to rub his crotch and he instantly gets hard and I have no choice but to unzip his pants and start to lick and suck his delicious cock and he tells me to bend over the back of the golf cart and he drives his hardness deep into me again and again and he let’s out a thunderous roar when he cums.

We both kiss passionately and he sucks on my nipple and starts to finger my pussy which is already soaked with our juices, he tells me to sit on the back of the golf cart and he kneels down and spreads my legs and start to suck on my clit which makes me fucking crazy, I put my feet on his shoulders and as he is licking I start to cum and cum and cum and holy fuck I cum again. This is what making love is all about, spontaneity and excitement. We go back to the rv and shower and crawl into bed to take an afternoon nap and my head is on his chest and his arm is around me as both of us fall into a sweet slumber.