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I am sitting on the porch at the rv watching him cut the grass with his shirt off and his arms look so strong yet he is such a tender man, all I can think of is tieing him to the new toy we have which allows you to tie the persons hands and feet so they are spread eagled. You have full frontal and rear views to access whatever part of the body you wish. I have tied his wrists and feet but he could get out of the ties he if chose as they are lose and I only want him to think he has no control but actually does.

I want him to feel that he can do nothing but what I wish him to and he must follow my directions for a change as he is always the leader carrying the load. He starts to talk and I tell him to shut the fuck up but he doesn’t listen so I take a handful of buttered peas and cram them in his mouth as he is a bad boy and doesn’t eat his veggies. He has given me no choice but to spank his bare ass and kneel down and lick his cheeks as I run my hands slowly over his thighs.

He is already hard and I have a surprise for him and I ring the bell and walks in the woman who will take care of his cock while I am busy playing with his ass. Her only job is to suck is cock and lick his balls and nothing else. I stop what I am doing and wipe the peas off his face as he would be embarrassed to be seen that way and I have no intention of embarrassing him. I ring the bell again and she enters the room naked with fuck me pumps on and I know he is liking this.

She follows me into the other room and I take care of her financial needs because when we are done she is to leave without a word. We walk back into the playroom and we are chatting about nothing of interest and both of us become quiet when we get near him. I begin to kiss him lightly on the lips nibbling on his lower lip as she is sitting in the chair close by playing with her nipples. I begin to kiss his neck as he is watching her and he is so damn excited as she begins to play with her clit and finger herself.

I continue to kiss his lower neck and chest and suck on his nipples as I play with his cock and he continues to watch her and I do know this is total enjoyment for him. As I work my way down to his cock she has stood up and bent over as he watches her masturbate with her ass spread. I lick his cock a few times and work my way around to his ass and that is her cue to come over to us and she slowly kneels on the pillow in front of him.

I am licking his ass and working my tongue into his pleasure spot as she begins to suck his cock and he moans as if he is in pain but actually it is pleasure driving him crazy. I lube up his ass and enter him slowly seeking out that spot that makes him totally crazy. She is now licking his balls and he can’t stand it much longer as I finger his ass and she licks his shaft he shoots his wad as he screams out “O God”