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He was tall and handsome and had thighs and calves to die for, literally and he was unaware he exuded a power few ever will obtain but he was as gentle as a new born kitten. He wanted what all of us want, to be loved unconditionally and without judgement but acceptance and he had it from me because I love him but do not know how to tell him and doubt he would believe me anyway. He was the type of man that I had waited for my entire life but he couldn’t see me as I am transparent to him.

I so enjoyed watching him sleep because in his slumber was the only time he was without control and vulnerable, he was always responsible for so much but isn’t that the way men are? He carried a heavy load and burden and he disliked me because I kept his mind in a state of confusion and loss which he was not accustomed to. He was only the leader of the band, the one others admired and followed and get got tired of it and just wanted and needed a break.

I watched him twitch in his sleep as if a fly were on his shoulder tickling him and all I wanted was to make this man’s life simpler and let him lie back and let someone else take the reins for a while. He had no idea how deeply I loved him but he knew I loved him never the less or did he? One can never assume what another is feeling or thinking even though we may try so hard. My love for him I was never allowed to demonstrate to him because he was guarded and had been hurt terribly as had I.

Earlier, I had watch him cook on the grill as he stood in the sun and the sweat glistened on his forward as he turned over the ribs to cover the other side with bbq sauce, when finished he scooped them up and placed them on a plate and as he carried the plate into the rv I admired every inch of this wonder before me. He sat the plate down on the counter and I asked him to come over to me, which he did with every inch of his masculine body.

I asked him to sit beside me and I kneeled before him removing his sandals and began to massage his tired feet. He leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes with such relieve as I massaged each toe and worked my way to his calf and thighs. I gingerly undid the snap on his shorts and unzipped them and his cock flew out like a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock, he stayed in a state of arousal and he loved to drink ice cold beer constantly, his two worse vices. Drinking and sex with both being done to excess was the way of this man and he knew it all too well.

I slipped off his shorts as he let out a soft moan of pleasure as he so enjoyed being naked as I did. His arms were spread out on the back of the couch and I kissed him gently on the lips and told him I loved him. His eyes slowly opened and he looked into my eyes and said “do you really?” and I said “yes, I really do” and we looked into each others eyes which felt like eternity and it was as if he was searching my soul for the truth and couldn’t locate it.

I didn’t know how to put into words my love for him which made things difficult because he needed to feel my love and just not hear it or feel it through his cock. I took his face into both hands and kissed him with all the passion I possessed and then I kissed his neck and throat, working my way down his chest and to his throbbing cock. I took his cock in my hand and held it firmly as I looked up at him and told him to watch me. I had my eyes firmly planted on his as I licked the head of his cock and slowly took it into my mouth.

I loved the taste of this man as I stroked and sucked on his throbbing manhood and our eyes were locked on each other until he rested his head on the back of the couch. I asked him if he knew that I really loved him and he said he didn’t know for sure. I was not the first woman to suck his hardness and sex was all he had experienced in years and I assumed I was no different, just another sex partner for him just another female that helped relieve him.

I massaged his balls as I licked his shaft and fingered his ass which he so enjoyed. I was gentle and caring and wanted to bring him to the point of realizing I really did love him and he need not question that emotion of mine. I was like a starving bear on his manhood as I could never get enough of him and enjoyed the taste of him as he spread his legs further apart and slid down the couch with his ass hanging over the cushion slightly.

The more I massaged his ass and sucked his cock the louder he would moan and slide further off the cushion until he landed softly on the floor and slowly fell to one side. I scaled his body like the side of a mountain until I reached his face and looking into his bright blue eyes I told him that he was the master of my heart and I loved him so much I couldn’t live without him and I wanted to make him happy and to be his happiness.

He had been told by so many women that they loved him so the word was no longer holding the true meaning it was suppose to as he realized what women called love was their desire to be seen with him and have him spend money on them. He found the word love to be hollow without meaning over time and anyone that said it to him became suspect. He had been with so many women that making love was no longer part of his vocabulary, just sex plain sex. Fucking for the orgasm was all he received from women but never making love because he knew these women never really loved him.

I told him I was going to make love to him and make him feel the depth of my love and he just laughed at me as I mounted him like a  Tennessee Walker and rode him like the stallion he was. I bent over and kissed his chest and licked his nipples when I was suddenly overcome by a thunderous orgasm that left me dizzy and lieing on his chest. I began to whimper softly and the tears began to fall from my eyes onto his chest as he asked me if he had hurt me physically.

I told him no I was not in physical pain but emotional pain because he refused to believe how much I loved him. My hands were lieing on his shoulders and he reached up and took them and used them to push me up as he looked into my crying eyes. He said “you really do love me” with a puzzled look on his face and I looked deep into his eyes and told him ” I love you with all that I am and ever will be” and he couldn’t understand why because he had done so many bad things to me in the past.

I told him I was married to him even though we were not married as I was committed to him for life even without making it legal. My nose began to run and the tears flooded my face as I cried hopelessly in love with him. He grabbed his shorts and wiped my tears away and told me to blow my nose in his shorts, which I did. He commanded me to get off him and I did as quickly as jumping away from the burning fire. He rolled on top of me and kissed my cheek and then we kissed what seemed to be hours.

He touched me in so many ways and I was helpless to leave his touch as I laid there and looked out the sliding glass door. He took my chin and forced me to look at him and he told me that he knew I really loved him, he actually had accepted the fact that my love for him was genuine, it was real. He told me that he found me to beautiful and that he loved me as well which shocked me because I never knew that he felt anything for me.

We hugged each other and he began to cry slowly as he had found what he had so much wanted for so many years, to be loved for himself not his name or fame. He had been used for so long by so many and he couldn’t believe someone could love him and not want anything from him. I wiped away his tears and told him I love you and want nothing more than your happiness and he hugged me tight and we made passionate love for hours until we fell asleep in each others arms.