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I was so horny I was going crazy and my pussy was so damn wet I had to sit on a towel so the wetness would not seep into the couch, having ones couch smell like pussy isn’t something I wanted so the towel worked fine. I thought of him touching my wetness and rubbing my clit and that made me grab my vibrator as I put my feet up on the glass coffee table and spread my legs far. I began to fantasize of him between my legs licking my juices and fingering me.

He stuck one finger in me and one up my ass as he sucked and licked on my clit, this was driving me wild and I wanted to cum so bad but I was trying to hold off as long as I  could. I grabbed his head by his hair and told him I wanted him and I scooted back and stood up and lead him to the bedroom. He had the most exciting cock I had ever had the pleasure of licking and he stood next to the bed as I licked the head of his cock and stroked him with my hand.

I played with his balls and he bent over and started licking my clit again and inserting his fingers, I had only had anal sex once and it was a huge disappointment but this man made me want to be fucked in the ass which surprised even me. I told him I wanted to be fucked in the ass and that excited the hell out of him. He climbed up on the bed and kissed me and played with my boobs and clit and he rolled me over and told me to get up on my knees.

I did as I was told with excitement as well as hesitation because of my prior experience but this man was gentle and was in no hurry which made things easier for me. He had been working my ass for sometime with his fingers and getting me used to the feeling and loosening me up to accept his manhood. He fucked me and lubed up my ass at the same time getting me relaxed and he put the head of his cock in my ass and slowly entered me and when I told him to stop he did.

He slowly entered me again working his cock in and out of my ass inch by inch but ever so slowly as he didn’t want to hurt me. He was finally able to enter me fully and he worked my ass like a pro as he was so damn gentle I was amazed. I began to cum and couldn’t believe I so enjoyed being fucked in the ass. He started to cum when he heard me moan and scream loudly as I couldn’t stop cumming. He shot his hot wad of cum inside my ass which lubed me even more.

I fell to one side and he laid next to me, both of us laughing because I sounded like a damn hyena and I was glad the kids were not home to hear me. He leaned over and kissed me gently and told me he loved me more than any woman on this earth and I told him I loved him more than life itself. We were content and we were happy, yes finally happy as both of us had waited so long to be together. He made me realize that ass sex was fun and it didn’t have to hurt and we could enjoy each other’s bodies as well as our minds.

I had wanted him for so long, not just his body but him the man he had become and I finally had him lieing next to me which thrilled the shit out of me. He was happy as well and that made me really happy as he had quite a difficult past few years. Both of us had quite a difficult past few years but that was finally over and life was finally coming together for us as we began to talk of our future plans. He wanted to marry me immediately and I wanted to wait so he could get to know my daily habits and I wanted him to be sure. Marrying this man is all I had thought of for so long and there was no way I was going to chance him wanting a divorce later and I wanted him to sure, really sure.