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I sat on the couch looking at the mess not knowing where to start as I was so overwhelmed by all the shit. I sat back on the couch and let out a sigh and thinking how I couldn’t stand living this way but only I could straighten the mess out. I was thinking of the man that owns my heart and what I would do if he ever showed up at my door, I decided that if he really loved me he wouldn’t even see the mess behind me.

My bedroom was worse than the great room and I needed to patch all the holes in the closet where I had put to much shit on them and they had fallen. I had put them back up numerous times but they fell each time because my stupid ass would put to much weight on them. I had been putting things away and throwing out so much shit but the house was so big and we had accumulated way to much over the years. I had to call Salvation Army to take away the excess furniture I had but that was one more thing I had yet to do.

The day slowly turned into night when I heard a knock at the door, I thought who in the hell would be here? I got up off the couch and walked around the coffee table to the foyer and slowly opened the door. A man I had never seen before was standing on my porch with a huge grin and I asked him if I could help him as I thought he was another mormon trying to convert me but I didn’t see pamphlets in his hand. He said, “Kimberly, I got my visa” and my shock almost stopped my heart from beating.

It was him, the man of my dreams for the last three years, he stood there at laughed at my shock and he asked if I was going to let him in, which made me come back to the here and now.
I stumbled over my words as I said, ” yes, o yes come on in” and I apologized for being rude and tried to explain the messy house  but he ignored my talking and grabbed me and hugged me and kissed me, his kiss was all consuming and I forgot all my problems and took him in my arms.

He asked where the bedroom was and I took him into my catastrophic mess of a bedroom and he sat down on the bed and put his arms on my waste. He said to me “hon, I am finally here it’s really me” and all I could do was look at him as I didn’t know what to say. I came back to reality and took his face in my hands and kissed him slowly and gently several times before I began to undress him. He tried to remove my dress but I refused to let him as I was engulfed in undressing him and had to see those thighs totally naked. He never failed to amaze me as I removed his shorts and he had an erection which did take me by surprise but shouldn’t have. 

He was tan, muscular and shaved from the chest down to his crotch as if he had prepared himself for being with me, being a foregone conclusion bothered me for about a nano second and I stood back and asked him to lie down, which he did and he moved over so there was enough room for me. I admired his body and climbed onto the bed which was in no way graceful as it is so tall but it didn’t matter he didn’t care if I was graceful or not.

He took me in his arms and kissed me like I had never been kissed and he ran his hand up my dress and over my ass sliding his hands under my panties and slid them down. He rubbed my ass repeatedly and moaned softly as his cock had gotten so engorged it was throbbing underneath my pubic bone. I helped him slide my panties off and slide my dress up and over my head and we laid together naked just long enough for me to position myself so he could enter me.

As the tip of his manhood began to enter me I let out a loud moan and told him I wanted him, every inch of him inside me and he grabbed my arms and laid me on my back as I bent my knees wanting him so badly. He entered me slowly as I was so tight and wet and finally I had all of him inside, we laid there looking into each other’s eyes and he began to make the sweetest love to me as he was slow and methodical and he was in no hurry.

We exploded together which shocked the hell out of me because I had never had an orgasm from a cock inside me before, I usually need to have my clit stimulated to cum. It was totally heavenly and the best love making I had ever had. He made me feel so loved, so desirable, so wanted. We laid side my side momentarily and I moved to put my head and hand on his chest and I began to slowly cry because I was so happy, finally we were together and I was still in shock.

He was true to his word and he had come to me but was he to stay or go? I was to afraid to ask and as he had read my mind he told me he was staying for several weeks and I was so happy I began to cry slowly and he pulled me up and looked into my eyes and said that he hoped those were happy tears and all I could do is shake my head yes. Dreams do come true and he had made my dream come true as I had dreamed being with him for so very long.