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Most men are under the impression that women automatically enjoy sex and this is so not true. The clitoris a.k.a. clit needs stimulation from the fingers, tongue or vibrator and even the cock can do well as long as there is enough lubrication. The lubrication is essential for the orgasm to be felt, it’s just like dry fucking for a man which is not pleasurable in the least as you may know if you are a man. The woman needs romance as well and plenty of it, foreplay isn’t always in the  bed, in fact quite the opposite.

Foreplay starts at the being of any date through talking, sharing a meal, a walk foreplay is in the mind and to stimulate the mind requires more than talking about your job, which gets quite boring. I find flirting to be very important and stimulating for anyone and does get one in the mood. Mind play is more important than body play anytime and foreplay is a must for great sex, notice I did not say good sex? Kissing is also so very important so if you are not a good kisser, that is strike one against you already.

One need not be attractive if they have sex appeal which cannot be obtained, it just is you either have it or you don’t and most don’t unfortunately for them. You can look at someone’s picture and not know that they have sex appeal but in person it will scream loud and clear. Romance is important as well, romance shows you take the time to care, you care enough to be slow and deliberate in action and you are not a one shot guy.

A man needs to seduce a woman through different methods such as flowers, candy ect. and I know that is such a cliche’ but it’s the truth. It shows he has taken the time to think of her and make that special stop, even a card shows caring and no you don’t have to spend a small fortune in fact I would discourage that from the get go. Some women are seduced by flashy men but I am not and in fact I am turned off by them. I prefer the subdued type of man that is confident enough in himself he need not flash his cash so to speak.

A woman that is comfortable with her body will enjoy a sensual man and one that is insecure with herself will have difficulty no matter how slow and romantic a man may be. I for one am very comfortable with my body, so comfortable in fact that the pictures that I have posted are of me. I find the body to be beautiful at any size and that is why I am able to enjoy sex so much. I prefer to give but I do enjoy getting as well. 

A man that moves slowly in bed is one that is admired by myself as fast shows his own desires and wants to be fulfilled as quickly as possible. A man that moves deliberately and slowly shows a woman that he cares about her pleasure as well as his own. Next time you decide to romance a woman, think of her and not your own desires and you will find the evening or morning or whenever to be so much more pleasant for the both of you.