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I knew I couldn’t be with him on all of his travels because of the kids even though they were old enough to take care of themselves without me I just didn’t feel right about leaving them to themselves as I was there mother. But I also felt guilty for leaving my new husband to travel without me even though it was only going to be for a month before I could join him, it is difficult being a newly married woman with children and I felt so torn but I talked to my husband every day, in fact several times a day.

We would also meet on cam and masturbate together because we wanted each other so desperately, constantly as we had this insatiable sexual appetite for each other. I had decided I was going to send him a gift of essence of Kimberly which was for him and him alone. I rarely wear panties but when I do they are usually satin and lace and I had decided to put on my black ones for such a special occasion. I wore them for three days from morning until night until I saw my husband on the cam and I quickly had discarded them as he would wonder why I had panties on.

I know it’s rather disgusting to wear the same clothing for three days but I was on a mission especially for him and I wrapped my dirty panties in a ziploc bag and sealed it and placed them in a small box which I labeled and mailed to France, his current job assignment location. I sent them FedEx so he could be with at least some part of me and I knew he would so enjoy my essence and it would keep him company when he was alone, maybe even chew on them who knows?

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself from telling him my dirty little secret but I kept my mouth shut as we chatted online after one hot and heavy session of ours. He made me so horny and I constantly wanted to feel his cock buried inside of me but one must work and I had to let him do what he liked because that was the way we had built such a great relationship, freedom. We never denied each other the freedom to be ourselves and we supported each other’s dreams, hopes and wishes the way to people who really love each do. We were not just in love, no we loved each other as we were which is rare so very rare and I wouldn’t change him for the world no way he was perfect just the way he was.

He like to drink a lot and I mean a lot but he had even cut way back on that without a word from me and I was glad because I worried about his health constantly even though he was healthy. I was so fearful that he would get some kind of horrific illness and be gone before I knew it and I couldn’t bare to lose him, as it would surely kill me. He was so kind always bringing me little presents such as a coke, a pack of cigarettes, gum shit like that because I would get pissed when he bought me big ticket items like the new red hot Ferrari in the driveway.

I was quite happy with my ford sedan but he wanted his wife to have the best materialistically, I had the best, I had him and didn’t need material shit. We were camming when there was someone at his door and we were so rudely interrupted. He came back to the bed with the package I had sent him in his hand. He asked me what I had sent him and I said “nothing of importance just a little something I thought you might need”. 

He opened the package and took out the bag and opened it up and took out my dirty panties and he took a big sniff and laid back on the bed laughing, he said I always seemed to amaze him and he loved it, absolutely loved the smell of my essence and couldn’t wait for us to be together again. I missed my husband terribly and even shed a few tears thinking about how much I missed him and he knew what I felt was true and it was love.