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I am one that has fantasies many fantasies of all types and recently the taboo fantasy has taken over my thoughts and thrills my body. I know I should not think like this but I cannot help what pops into my thoughts even if they are considered taboo and kinky. I think of sex constantly and want to fuck every second of every day which is frowned upon by most women especially my age so if you are judgemental do not read my blog because I have some naughty thoughts, very naughty thoughts.

We had had a late lunch and took a nap as we had spent the afternoon at the pool just lounging and enjoying the water and the sun. We decided to take a ride on the golf cart and we walked outside the rv and re decided to get the fire ready for the evening. We took our ride ass the sun began to set. It was one of those days where it was hot but the evening began to cool down. He had set a tent up outside earlier in the day just so he could “get the feel of camping” which made no sense to me as he knew I had a bad back and couldn’t sleep on the ground.

I didn’t question his odd desire to have a tent as we drank ice cold beer and drove around the campground and enjoyed ourselves. By the time we got back to the rv I was good and drunk and laughing like a silly little girl and as usual when I get shit faced my clothes come off. He was laughing and telling me to keep my top on and pulling it down as I attempted to pull it off, the naughty me always comes out when I drink and this night was no exception.

We pulled up in the yard and I fell off the golf cart laughing like crazy and almost peeing my pants as he came around the back of the cart and helped me up, I told him I had to pee and I ran into the rv bouncing off the walls trying to make it to the bathroom. I relieved myself and went back outside where he was starting the fire and it was lovely, just an absolutely lovely evening as he took me in his arms and kissed me.

We started to make out when he lead me to his secret hide away in the tent and I laughed and laughed at the thought of being in this little tent. He kissed me as his hands found my breasts and he pinched my nipples slightly which made me wet, he made me wet. I could feel his hardness through his shorts and slipped my hand down to feel him, he was hard and warm and I could feel the pre cum on the head of his cock. I stroked him as he played with my nipples and slowly removed my top and kissed me then my neck and then my nipples, each one getting the appropriate attention.

He moved his hand down my pants and he could feel my wetness as he submerged his finger inside me which made me moan with pleasure. He was a master love maker and he had me going as he always did. I spread my legs wide so he could finger me deep and then he played with my clit until I almost came and I had to stop him as I tried to remove his shorts with one hand. He was so tall that my arm wasn’t long enough and he gladly removed his clothing for me.

I removed my shorts and we laid naked enjoying each other’s bodies as we touched each other slowly and he began to work my clit again as I stroked his manhood. We were both so damn excited I couldn’t hold back any longer and he smothered my screaming with kisses as I came for what seems like an eternity. He began to use my wetness to massage my ass and he slowly entered me with his wet finger and then he stopped momentarily to get the tube of lube.

He lubed my ass up and he entered me with two fingers working my ass slowly so I could accept all of his cock. We kissed and I fondled his hardness and I could feel him throbbing and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had him in me. He rolled me over and told me to get up on my knees as he kissed me all over and began to kiss my ass as he positioned himself behind me but I decided to lay flat and roll over and  guided him to lie down.

I began to suck his cock like I had never sucked him before, enjoying teasing the head of his cock with my tongue and I was stroking him and sucking on him  like a lollipop. I could feel his cock throbbing  and he was going to cum if I didn’t stop. He rolled me over and got behind me and pulled me by my hips onto my knees. He licked my ass and then lubed me up and he rubbed his cock up and down my crack as he fingered my ass with two fingers and finally working a third one in.

I was so excited I spread my knees further apart because I wanted him, I wanted to feel his cock inside my ass and I was almost about to beg him to fuck me when I felt the tip of his cock enter me and I let out a huge moan telling him I wanted  him to fuck me “fuck my ass honey” I said and I was begging him now. I loved to talk dirty during sex as it  made sex so much more exciting. He slowly entered me and I reached between my legs and began to play with his balls.

He slowly entered my tight ass and he finally had all of his shaft inside me and he bent over and played with my nipples. He leaned back and grabbed my hips and slowly fucked me working his cock in and out of my tight ass with care not to hurt me. Once he was able to loosen me up enough he began to drive his cock faster and faster until he let out a huge moan. I could feel him cum and I moaned as well. He withdrew his cock and I could feel his hot cum running down to my clit and dripping off me.

He fell next to me and kissed me and told me how much he loved me and how much he enjoyed making love to me and I was the best he had ever been with. I doubted this but it sounded great to hear it from the man I loved. I loved making love to him as it was so much more than making love as we became one, yes our bodies became one as did our minds. He was so exciting and fun to be with and I thanked God every minute of every day for him as he was more than my angel, he was my savior.