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I really enjoy taking a bath in a jacuzzi bathtub with vitabath green gelee as it smells so good and the bubbles, wow the bubbles over flow the tub and I like a hot bath, the kind you get of and your ass is red really red. The hot water relaxes me and makes my aches and pains go away for at least a while. I had several knee surgery’s and the water really help with the pain as it does with the three herniated discs in my lower back.

I like to relax for a while and then bath and relax and get friendly with the jets as I can have earth shattering orgasms in under two minutes which leave my legs wobbly when I get out of the tub. The jets can also stimulate the ass quite well and get one going sexually. I fantasize every time I am in the tub about the man I am in love with and this fantasy was pretty wild to say the least. Men enjoy watching two women together and I began my fantasy by making a dinner of standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and broccoli steamed to perfection. The salad was made with fresh greens, pomegranate, apples, almonds and sugared walnuts with a balsamic vinaigrette and there was fresh assorted melon and fresh baked bread with a mound of butter sitting on the table.

I opened a nice vintage and poured it into our glasses and sat down and took a sip as I waited for him to come home. Tonight was going to be special, really special as he was telling me several days prior how  he thought two women together was hot and turned him on. I always did what I could to keep our sex life interesting and alive because my thought is keep your mind open and your bedroom open as well. I had made plans to liven up this Friday night with the one thing my man would never expect from me, which made me laugh.

He came through the door with his usual jovial attitude as he walked up to me and put his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek as I stood before the stove.  I told him what we were having for dinner and he was famished and asked how long before dinner, I told him about a half an hour honey and he said he was going to take a shower. I finished cooking dinner and placed it piping hot on the table and my sweetie came in and I asked him to slice the roast and he stood up and carved it perfectly.

We had a wonderful dinner and we talked about his day and his plans and I asked him what I could help him with and he remarked he wanted my view on an idea he had sketched as we cleared the table. We sat down for a while and began to watch a movie as he loved movies and I secretly had always thought he wanted to be an actor so he had an outlet for his emotions. As the credits began to run the doorbell chime grabbed my attention and I told him I would get it.

I came back a few minutes later and he was still sitting in the same spot with the plush white robe on and his legs crossed with nothing on underneath. I introduced my “friend” Jasmine and he stood up and shook her hand and was such a gentleman as usual and I whispered into his ear to go in the bedroom and I asked Jasmine if she would care for some wine and she accepted. I got her a glass of wine and excused myself and went into the bedroom where the candles were lit and the room set to a romantic tone. My sweetheart asked what was going on and how romantic the room was set  and I informed him that I had a surprise for him and told him to lie down and get comfortable and he had a shit eating grin on his face.

I walked back into the great room and invited Jasmine into our bedroom and she followed with elegance and grace as we entered the low lit room. She sat down her wine and walked over to the bed and ran her hand down his face and pulled his robe open running her hand down his chest and she flicked his cock. She walked back to me and stood behind me and began to kiss my neck and fondle my breasts as she slowly unbuttoned my top and undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

I had on a garter belt, stockings and panties as well as a half bra which pushed up my boobs but you could see my nipples which were set firm and pushed up high. I stood before him and let him watch as she undid each garter and rolled my stockings down, removing my shoes and the stockings. She removed the garter and still standing behind me she undid my bra and let my breasts fall free as she slipped her hand under my panties.

He laid on the bed and slipped his hand down to his cock and began stroking it as he watched intently as Jasmine was working my clit. She removed her clothing and she had on the same under garments as I had on previously. She took me by the hand and lead me to other side of the bed and we got on it and I began to fondle him as he watched intently as she began to lick my nipples he removed her under garments.

She worked her way down to my clit and sucked on me until I came with a shudder and he turned me over and lifted me up on my knees and entered me as she began to lick his ass and finger him as he fucked me furiously and came with a shout that almost shattered the windows. Jasmine got up and dressed and said good night and said she would let herself out as he and I laid in each others arms and he began to laugh.

I asked him what was so funny and he said I was because I always kept things excited in our life and not just our sex life and how much he loved me for being so wild and crazy as most women would never do the things I had done sexually. He said he thanked God each and every day for me and how much I loved him and made him so very happy and then he asked if Jasmine was going to visit again and I asked him if he wanted her to and he said absolutely!