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It was a lovely summer day with a gentle breeze blowing the leaves on the trees giving them the look of softness. I could feel the sun on my face and breasts as I stood naked on my patio outside of my bedroom. My hair was what and my body damp from just taking a shower and I let the summer breeze dry me as I absorbed the feeling of contentment. He walked up behind and I could feel his naked body next to me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck gently.

He took me by the hand and turned me around and kissed me passionately and lead me through the sliding glass door into the bedroom where there was a path of his clothes lieing on the floor. He said “I’m feeling adventurous” and he had that devilish look in his eyes as he lifted me up and put me on the bed and had that sly smile of on his face, which lead me to wonder what was on his mind. He sat next to me and took my wrist and tied a satin tie around it and to the bed post, and he walked around to the other side of the bed and repeated the same action with my other wrist.

He dripped le leche on my breasts and down to my mound and he began to lick it off and suck each nipple and slightly bit each one which made me so turned on. He continued to lick the sweet treat of my stomach and my mound which was throbbing for his touch. He turned around and placed one knee on each side of my breasts as he squatted down and began to lick my pleasure spot and I began to lick his ass and massage his balls.

The deeper my tongue explored him the harder his cock got and I began to stroke him and finger him deeper and deeper as he began to move back and forth and I could feel precum which was gushing but he wasn’t ready to shoot his load just yet. He turned around and sat gingerly on my chest and pushed my breasts together as he rubbed his cock between them. He raised up slightly so I could lick him and suck him deeper and deeper as he held on to the headboard.

He moved back and forth and I could tell he was ready to cum by his deep throaty moans and as he shot his hot cum down my throat I could see the muscles in his arms tighten up and pop out as he held tighter onto the headboard. I licked him clean and he laid down next to me and put his head on my breast as he began to massage my sweet bud of love. He had me so hot and so wet I spread my legs as far as I could with my knees bent and I could feel the growing of an orgasm and as it got stronger I dug my fingers into his back and raised my hips as if to catch the orgasm.

We laid together not saying a word as I ran my fingers through his hair and just enjoyed the silence and the sound of the breeze outside. I could feel him getting hard again and he got on top of me and forced my legs apart with his strong thighs and entered me as deep as he could. He moved back and forth with such precision that I was in ecstasy. He quickly dismounted me and turned me over and pulled me up by my hips and reached for the flavored lubricant we had in the nightstand drawer.

I knew what he wanted and what he liked so I spread my knees apart which opened up my ass for him and he began to kiss my lower back and lube my ass up and inserted his finger gently into me. He was always so gentle and so considerate as he inserted a second finger and then a third. He had me so aroused I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside my ass and I finally began to beg him to fuck my ass and he gently inserted the head of his cock into me.

He was slow and gentle and finally had his complete hardness in me and began to move back and forth which turned me on so much I began to have an orgasm and he was so turned on he began to cum as well. I finally fell onto my belly and he laid on top of me as we were both exhausted and he rolled over next to me and we just laid there enjoying being with each other and enjoying each other’s bodies was such a delight. We both fell asleep in each others arms and it was such a restful afternoon for both of us.