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We sat at the end of the dock with our feel moving slowly back and forth in the water it was silent except for the chirping of the crickets. As we sat in silence I was thinking about skinny dipping and I turned and began to lick his ear slightly and kiss his neck slowly. I turned his face towards mine and looked into his eyes and kissed him with everything I felt for him. As we began to kiss and explore each other’s lips and tongues we leaned back and laid on the dock.

I began to run my hand over his chest and down to the top of his pants and I undid the snap and the zipper so my hand could find that tender morsel of flesh called the head of his cock. I began to feel the length and girth of his hardness and I became excited and began to get so wet as I wanted him to fuck me, yes deep and fast. As I began to stroke him I could think of nothing more than to lick him and I began to remove his pants.

He removed my clothing as well very slowly as he sucked on each alert nipple and ran his hand over my mound and into the darkness of my wetness. We were there quite a while when out of the blue a woman’s voice said “nice, nice indeed” as she sat in her boat watching us, she asked if we would like a beer and we said yes and began to gather our clothing. She said don’t bother with the clothes as she tied off her boat to the dock and climbed up to join us as she removed her summer dress and sat down.

It was like three kids playing spin the bottle and we began to talk, she asked our names and told us her name was Ariel and she really admired our sharing of each other as we were so gentle and slow and she could tell we really loved each other. She looked at him and said “nice cock” and looked at me and asked if it was ok to touch. I told her to feel free and she began to rub my knee while she stroked his cock and bent to kiss his chest.

She was working her fingers between my legs seeking out my bud as she told him to lie back and she began to lick and suck him. She began to massage my bud and I was so fucking turned on it was making me insane. I laid her down and began to suck on her nipples as she fingered his ass and sucked him at the same time. I had always wanted to explore a woman’s body and I worked my way to her clit and began to suck and lick.

I knew a woman’s pleasure point because of my own and he got up and sat on her face while I sucked her and fingered his ass. I leaned up and began to work my tongue around his ass and he was so fucking excited he could hardly contain himself. She came with a thunderous roar and almost bucked him off when the orgasm shot through her body. She got on all fours and buried her face between my legs as he slid behind her and prepped her ass for his hardness to enter gently.

He entered her and I could see how good it felt to him as he went deeper and deeper and began to pound her ass faster and faster. I began to cum and so did he and we both sounded like wild animals as the orgasms took over our bodies. All three of us were really enjoying ourselves and finding that threesomes were ever so exciting and hot as he laid next to me exhausted momentarily as his cock came alert as soon as he kissed me. He was ready for round two already and his cock didn’t know the meaning of take a break.

He flipped me over and massaged my ass entering one, two, three fingers slowly as she stroked his cock and rubbed his balls, he worked my ass slowly and precisely as she laid on her back and began to lick his balls. He was hot and he was ready and she moved out of the way so he could fuck my ass as he so liked to do. He entered slowly and had his hands on each hip to help drive his hardness into my so ready ass. He fucked me slow at first and then quickened his pace and this really got me horny as hell and the quicker he moved the more I could feel the building of an orgasm.

He told me how much he loved me and I told him to “fuck my ass hon, fuck me good” and he did as he was told and I told him ” I love when you fuck me and making me cum” and dirty talk turned him on even more. He pounded my ass and then came like never before, he couldn’t stop from cumming as he was having multiple orgasms that floored his body and his mind. I looked around and Ariel had disappeared into the night without us noticing she had left.

We laid on our backs holding hands and looking up at the stars and just enjoying the moment as we felt so good being with each other. He put his head on my chest and I ran my fingers through his hair very slowly and the more relaxed he got the more I could feel the tension leave his body. He fell into a quiet peaceful rest as did I. We awoke to the most beautiful sunrise there was and we got dressed, went home and showered and climbed into bed where we fell asleep in each others arms.