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He showed up at the house in a black convertible mustang Shelby, ya the one that is like forty grand and is so fucking hot. He came to the door with a bouquet of summer flowers and he was looking hot and fuckable absolutely fuckable. We headed off to the park and we walked hand in hand as we talked and I could feel the wind blowing up my sundress and tickling my bare ass. We walked down by the water and we sat down on the park bench by the water.

We sat and talked and I began to rub his crotch which took him by surprise because even though men want to get laid on the first date they usually don’t assume it will happen. I was very forward and began to kiss him slowly at first and then passionately and undid his pants and began giving him a hand job while I positioned myself over his crotch and began to rub my wetness along the length of his shaft. He was hard and starting massaging my nipples through my shirt which made me even wetter.

I slowly lowered down onto his hardness and moved back and forth and up and down until an orgasmn shot through me and I rested my head against his shoulder for a few moments and I started kissing him again and rose up on my knees and lowered my ass onto his cock taking him into me very slowly until I had every inch of him buried and I began to ride him slowly at first and then so fast he shot his hot cum deep into my ass.

When we were done playing I got off of him and held out my hand and he took it, we walked and just started laughing and we finally both said at the same time, it was good for me was it good for you? We started laughing again and really enjoyed being with each other and the sex was great. I think this could be the beginning of something big, one never knows what God has in store for each of us, now do we?