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Ok I am extending this to you one more time but not sure if Im going up this friday anyway, so don’t panic because I do not expect you to show up anyway, but had to give you another chance.

I dream of kissing your lips softly and gently as I slowly push my tongue to meet yours and the passion is electrifying and our tongues mingle with passion. I dream of running my hands along your muscular thighs to the hollow of each side of your ass. I dream of running my hands over your firm ass and up your back to your face and cradling it in my hands so you can feel my love. I dream of you touching my breasts and making my erect nipples want the touch of your tongue and lips which makes my body start to twitch and my moistness turns into pure liquid love. I dream of you entering me and the feeling both overtake us and we go on a journey never traveled before and the feeling of you entering me slowly going back and forth and we begin to move in unison. I dream of watching your face as you cum with a thunderous roar as if it was the first time you had ever made love and I dream of making us a wonderful dinner and you lying back on pillows as I feed you and eat off of your chest. I dream of licking your toes and watching your cock rise like a sky scraper and kiss and lick the inside of your calves up to your thighs and slowly take your balls into my mouth as I stroke your cock and finger your ass. I dream of the moment I can bring you pleasure and make you feel ecstasy that you should have been feeling your entire life. I have been here waiting and wanting to share these moments with you but you have yet to come to me. I am not your average woman so an average man just will not work for me and you are not average by any sense of the word. How much longer are you going to deny your heart? How much longer are you going to let your mind wonder to thoughts of me but yet do nothing to come to me? What are you afraid of? Afraid that I am all talk and not true to my words? Afraid that I will disappoint such a lovely fantasy that you have of me? Let me extend this to you: Never buy a cow before drinking the milk so you are cordially invited to sample the goods that you fantasize about, no committment, no strings attached or expectations. Just get on the plane and come to me with several change of clothes as we must be dressed to be in public but do not plan on being in public for long my dear as I am going to share the secret of what should occur when man and woman are together. Let me show you what you have been longing for in your dreams and I will make them a reality. I will take you to a place you have never been before and I doubt that you will ever want to return. Come to me Friday evening at my get away place and let me make you smile, let me make you laugh and let me make love to you and then you can make your decision on where your future lies. There will be no pressure, whining or crying, just two people taking a moment from their lives to share quiet moments without phones, demands, requests or expectations. I will not beg you to stay or stop you from leaving but one thing I will make sure of, is that you finally fulfill your fantasy and see and feel me for who and what I am. I will not ask anything of you and you will never read of it or hear of it on the radio as I respect you and your tiny bit of privacy you so desperately need. Hon, I do not wish to ever hurt you and I will write that in blood if you wish so here is your personal and private invitation and I do hope you except it so you will no longer be tortured by your own thoughts. Let me massage your calves, thighs and back and let me run my tongue up your ass while I play with your balls and cock, let me kiss every inch of your body and straddle you as your cock slowly enters me and we look into each others eyes knowing what we both no longer can deny. Can you feel me slowly lowering myself onto you? can you feel my tightness give way for you to enter me? Can you feel your build up which normally takes awhile to achieve? Can you feel my pace quicken and see the love in my eyes as breast bounce up and down and you are over taken by your own orgasm? Can you feel it, can you? I can dear, yes I can and if all we do is fuck one time and you go at least we both have experienced something we have dreamt about for so long. Dont bother with condoms unless you want a water balloon fight, dont worry about much clothing as we won’t be wearing any, don’t worry about anyone recognizing you as know one will see you and don’t worry about our meeting as it stays our little secret forever. Fear not of me but please share this moment with me and then we can say good bye and never look back if you so choose.Please just this once follow through and come to me, show me who you really are in the privacy of my secret get away and be yourself for once, just be yourself and enjoy a stress free and pressure free day or two. Please just let me see the real you, all of you. I am asking too much of you? Do you feel pressured? Please do not as that is not my intention at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGRWTxOhjEk