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 We had gone out several times and had enjoyed ourselves tremendously even though I had put sex on the back shelf for a bit longer. We enjoyed each other’s company as we laughed and giggled like little kids as we walked in the misty rain hand in hand and jumping into water puddles. We enjoyed ourselves no matter what we were doing and even though we had not had sex we had slept together which most cannot do without having sex, but the comfort both of us felt from just having another body next to us was so romantic as we kissed and touched but did not play.

We felt each other’s bodies in a way most do not know how to do as it is not sexual but quite sensual, I held his face in my hands as I slowly kissed his lips and neck. I ran my hand over his bare chest and down his legs and slowly back up barely touching his erect manhood. I worked my way back up and laid my head on his chest looking at him as he moved his hand slowly over the side of my face , down my neck and over my breast to my hip and over my ass and down my thigh.

I was wet, damn wet but these kind of moments are rare when two people are together as the rush of lust controls us and we lose sight of the enjoyment we could have without sex. We or I at least wanted to know this man’s body before I had sex with him, I wanted to know where every dimple and muscle was, every scar, cut or bruise. This wasn’t just another guy to fuck no this was different as I was so much older and wiser.

We had started a quite unique learning process of each other as we felt and kissed each other and we ate in bed and fed each other, I finally had decided to give this man a taste of a real woman and so I got out the massage oil and stood in front of him as I slowly poured it down my neck and chest. I had spread my legs slightly and he said he had to have a picture so I told him go ahead take all you want. He snapped away as I slowly massaged my breasts with the exotic smelling oil and I massaged it into my stomach and down to the inside of my thighs. I bent forward and then stood up quickly flinging my hair back and massaging him breasts roughly.

I told him to put down the camera and I picked up a tie that was on the chair and blindfolded him and then I walked to the end of the bed and grabbed both of his ankles and swiftly spread his legs apart. I sneaked between his legs panther like making deep throaty animal sounds as I worked my way up to his chest and rubbed on him as I moved back and fourth. I could feel his cock hit my clit and I just wanted to fuck him so bad but that was not the plan.

I slid back down and kneeled as I grabbed both of his legs and brought up his knees and spreading his legs as far as they would go. I had brought my little friend with me and I was going to show this man what true ecstasy was as I grabbed two pillows and placed them under his ass. I slid down to the end of the bed and began to massage his calf and thigh and then the other leg then I began to kiss his inner thigh and calf and worked dow his foot to his index toe.

I slowly licked and took his toe into my mouth as I  massaged his calf some more and his erection made it quite apparent that he had never felt anything like what I was doing to him. I worked over to the other leg and repeated my action as he laid there moaning and begging me to fuck him. I worked up his inner thigh until I reach his crown prince and I began to lick below his balls and his ass as I had his cock in my other hand working it.

I took some oil and rubbed it on his ass as I licked and sucked on his balls and stroked him and I began to do the finger dance with his ass as I entered him I licked the shaft of his cock and eased one finger and then two fingers into his ass as I licked the entire shaft of his cock and licked under the head slowly. I finally took the tip of his cock in my mouth and worked my fingers further into his ass the more cock I took in my mouth the deeper my fingers went.

I finally had his entire cock in my mouth and my fingers deep into his ass and as I went up and down on his cock my fingers went in and out and as my pace quickened on his cock the faster my fingers would go and just as he was about to cum I added a third finger which made him raise his ass of the pillows as he shot his hot sweet cum down my throat. I watched as his chest heaved up and down as he tried to catch his breath and I got up and headed to the bathroom.

I ran the hot water over a soapy wash cloth and head back to the bed where I began to wash his cock with gentleness and  purpose. I removed his blind fold and he just looked at me for the longest time without saying a single word. The he put his hand on my neck and pulled me to him and kissed me, then he said you are wonderful and I love you so much, and I looked at him like he was crazy as I had just met him and thought “love” was a bit strong for a blow job. 

He said to me, “you don’t know who I am do you” and I looked at him like I didn’t have a clue of what the hell he was referring to. He said I am the one that has been following you for the past three years and I was trying to figure a way of meeting you without you knowing but I couldn’t lie to you any longer, not after that blow job. I looked at him and busted out laughing and I  couldn’t stop and I laughed so hard I began to cry and pee myself.