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Everyone loves office parties, you can get together with your colleagues that you usually stop after work with for those few “unwind me” drinks before you go home to the bitching wife and screaming kids, or the demanding live in partner or to the dead silent empty apartment that is luxurious but the most barren place on this earth. These parties always have the best food, top shelf alcohol and the boss is giving the men bourbon and the ladies vintage bottles of wine, that is if you work in the upper crust white collar industry.

The cool thing about office parties is there are always the “after party” stories, you know the one where “ugly Jack” the tight wad asshole of the office gets so drunk he falls into the office assistant and looks at her and says “nice tits bitch” and pinches both of her tits at the same time, or there is always the bathroom, bedroom closet fucking going on. There are always those hush hush office affairs that no one is suppose to know about but it’s the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips.

Then there’s the office slut who has dated and fucked everyone in the office, the bisexual who has multiple lovers and tells everyone about her latest sexual adventures. I found this all quite interesting as he explained about his co-workers as we entered the building and headed towards the group standing in front of the elevators. We squeezed in and headed up to the 29th floor office party and as we entered there was a champagne toast being given to the boss.

He took my hand and lead me to the open bar and he held tight as he ordered our drinks and I stood looking around at what appeared to me to be one big room full of odities. He handed my drink to me and lead me around the room introducing me to everyone he knew and he knew them all. It was quite apparent that the ladies loved him as they pinched his ass, kissed his lips and cheeks and ignored me like I was the clap.

He would attempt to introduce me but never got that far as they were not interested in who he was with, no they were more interested in “why” he was with me. He was the one they all had hit on, offered lunch time sexual relieve and constantly asked him out. He claimed to have turned them all down which didn’t bother me if he had or hadn’t as I was in no way threatened by the female baboons I was surrounded by. We walked past the food table filled with giant shrimp cocktail, endive stuffed with crab meat, caviar, fresh fruit, beef tenderloin on banquets, asparagus wrapped in puff pastry, chicken kabobs, tuna tar tar,
and so much more.

There were those men standing stuffing themselves as they were bored and without dates and then the ladies that had plates with lettuce on them as they were afraid to gain an ounce. We could see through the blinds in some of the offices and we observed various degrees of sexual moves being performed as he kept replacing my empty glass with another glass of champagne. He was standing behind me when he slipped his hand in through the back of my dress and pinched my nipples as I stood facing his co-workers.

He kissed me on the neck and assured me he was with me and me only as if he felt I needed reassurance, which I did not. He slid his hand over my ass and rubbed my cheeks and put his hands on my hips and ground his cock into my backside. I could always tell when he was getting drunk because he became quit sexual anywhere we were and he was making me so horny and wet as I felt his hardness on my backside.

He slowly pulled up the back of my dress and ran his hands over my lace panty covered ass and I heard him unzip his pants and as he backed us up behind the closet door I got so excited. He bent me over slightyl and rammed me hard with his cock and as I gasped he grabbed my boobs and thrust into me again and again until he shot into me. The next thing I knew he was pulling me into the closet with two other women and closed the door.

It was pitch black and all I could feel was lips and hands all over my body, fingers up my ass, mouths on my clit and nipples but he was no where to be felt. I lit my lighter and I saw one of his co-workers sucking his cock and one on my breast and I looked at him as he was leaned back against the wall with his eyes closed saying “o ya suck my cock hon, that’s it” he was so drunk he though I was giving him a blow job and as moved next to him I said “honey, open your eyes” and his eyes flew open in shock.

I told him to relax and enjoy it as I was having my clit licked and sucked so well, he watched these woman pleasure our bodies and he got so turned on watching this woman lick me and finger me at the same time. He said “o hon, you are so fn hot I’m glad you are enjoying yourself” as I began to cum and grabbed his hand and bit down to stifle my scream. She stood up and I began to feel up her tits and move her bra to the side so I could suck a nipple as he watched.

This really made him hot knowing that I was enjoying these women as much as they had been enjoying us. I massaged his balls as I licked her nipple and he was fingering the other girl and working her ass and as I went down on the one girl, he positioned himself to fuck  the one he had been fingering. We had made a pact he would only fuck other women in the ass not in the crotch and he was putting his cock into her ass deeper and deeper and began to pound her while I could feel the orgasm coming from the sweetest tasting female who had brought me pleasure.

Someone tried to open the door but he had held it tight and that made us horny as well, the thought of getting caught. We straightened our clothes and walked out of the closet as if nothing had occurred. We got something to eat and another drink and I whispered in his ear that I would like to go home and he agreed. We talked about our experience and he told me it made him really hot to see me with another woman and he wanted to know if we could do that again.

Men love to see women together but they love to have two women at once even more so of course I like to keep my man happy and satisfied and we agreed we would do that again but his co-workers were strictly off limits and no, he could never let any of them suck his cock again or fuck them. I had my limits and I had drawn the line and he respected that plus he was getting everything he wanted anyway and he realized he had it all, all in one woman.

The freedom, the fun, the great sex, someone who loved him, cared about him, bathed him, took care of him and listened to him. He had the woman he had always wanted and he would do nothing to lose her  as she fulfilled him in every way a man could be fulfilled. The best thing of all was she really, truly had begun to build feelings for him and in a few short weeks there was a unseperable bond they had build and they acted like to kids in love for the first time.

They ate simple meals together and had long walks and private talks, they watched the swans swim in lake at that park as they shared a hotdog and a coke, they held hands and walked barefoot in the grass and they kissed, kissed a lot in fact all the time it seemed their lips were touching. They had the most luscious sex everywhere and no where was off limits as they spent a lot of time walking in nature and he would take her hand or she his and walk deeper into the underbrush and trees and he would turn her around and have her lean against the tree as he pulled down her panties and fingered her wet pussy and ass and then he would fuck her, just take her right there in nature.

She would do the same to him as she fingered his ass and sucked his cock and balls and they could hear others talking and walking towards them which really turned both of them on as the thought of getting caught was always so damn hot. He trusted her and confided in her and he told her about how the office sluts wanted him and wouldn’t leave him alone and it was annoying him greatly, so being the nice person that I am I had to help him out.

I walked into the office with a black leather skirt and my fish net teddy with my jacket covering my chest as I walked past the sluts and into his office. I opened the drapes and sat on his desk facing the window looking out onto the office floor. I spread my legs and you could see I had on no panties and I took off my jacket and my nipples protruded through the fish net as he walked in from of me and took out his cock and pushed me down on the desk and fucked me.

He neglected to tell me he had tattooed his ass and on each cheek was one word ” I’m Hers”. He helped me up off the desk and I kissed him and walked out closing the door behind me. I walked up to the first slut and told her he was off limits and reached my hand between my legs and got a handful of our wetness and I told her that was as close as she would get to him again as I wiped the cum across her face and moved on to the other slut.

I bent over and whispered in her ear that she tasted luscious but to stay away from my man or I would show the office the pics that I had taken when I flicked my lighter on. The horror on her face told me I had no worries and that she would stay away from him. I rubbed my nipples on her arm and kissed her on the cheek and turned around and headed towards the elevator as his boss came around the corner. I thanked him for a wonderful party he had thrown and what a nice time I had and I left appropriately.