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05 Aug

I woke up at 4 am horny as could be as I was thinking about having dinner this evening with the hottest guy I had met in years. We had chatted for three years online and now we were finally going to meet. This was exciting and made me dream naughty dreams.

I wanted to get fucked plain and simple no sex for so long makes you just want to get fucked and forget the making love. Let’s just have animal wild sex and forget the world. All I could think of was sucking his cock on a bus or taxi or restaurant.

I love to be daring and risqué and the thought of going to the movies popped into my head as I thought about giving him head in the theatre. I started to laugh at myself when I thought about getting a box of popcorn and having his cock come up through the bottom of it so when I reached for popcorn I got a handful of cock instead.

Why do people think sex is so dirty and disgusting because it isn’t and it is as natural as fresh milk from a cow. I thought of playing with his cock and leaning over and giving him a blowjob right there in the theatre. I played with his hardness in the empty box and I could see him tightening up his body and moving around.

He was horny as hell and begged me to suck him and I just continued to play and then I leaned over and removed the box and took his cock into my mouth. I rubbed his balls as I licked and sucked and went up and down on him.

He was ready to cum and I could feel the path it was taking as it moved rapidly up his cock and shot into my mouth. I licked him clean and he pulled me off of him by my hair as he was going crazy after such a cum moment.

We went to the car and I told him to stand behind me as I leaned into the car and rubbed my ass against his crotch. I rubbed and he got harder and harder and took out his cock and rammed it into my soaked pussy, I wanted to feel him every inch of him as he drove into me.

He grabbed the hood of the car and fucked my wet pussy like it had never been fucked before and we both came at the same time which is so fucking hot. I love to cum and even carry my handy dandy mini vibrator in my purse.

We went back to the hotel and as soon as we entered the room I closed and locked the door, grabbed him and through him against the wall and began to french kiss him slowly and sensually as I played with his cock through his pants.

I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off tossing it onto the floor, then I undid his belt and pants and pulled them to his ankles as I slowly moved down his body. I removed his shoes and sox and pulled off his pants and boxers and as he stood naked his cock twitched waiting for its attention.

I had him follow me to the bed and sit down as I pushed him back and climbed onto him with my summer dress on and my lace panties. I positioned myself over his face and rubbed my wet panties on his lips and nose as I wanted him to get a whiff of my essence.

He moved the crotch of my panties to the side and began to suck my clit like a professional and I began to move back and forth as I was so horny. An orgasm shot through my body like electricity and I had to remove myself as I was having that after orgasm sensitivity.

I went into the bathroom and ran a bath adding bubble bath that smelled heavenly and I went back into the bedroom and took him by the hand and lead him into the bathroom and directed him to get into the tub. The tub was huge and had jets and I knew this was going to be fun.

We did the typical routine of me lieing on his chest and just resting there as he stroked my hair and we talked and I began to stroke his cock. I grabbed the loofah and soaped it up but good and washed him from head to toe and then washed his hair.

I stroked his cock and he stroked my clit and I told him to put his ass up to the jets and I positioned myself as well. I slipped a finger into his ass as I licked the head of his cock and took him slowly into my mouth as he fingered my pussy.

I slipped another finger into his ass and he was getting very excited, much more excited than usual because the water was shooting up his ass as well as mine. We both came at the same time screaming out like we were being attacked.

We laid back and both were dizzy from the shockwave of the orgasms we just had as neither of us had ever felt anything like that before. His cum was in my hair, on the walls, side of the tub and on the floor as I had his cock in my hand as I came and I went physically crazy.

My pussy is soaking wet at this very moment as I stroke my clit and take breaks to type but I cannot keep doing this as I need to masturbate and stroke my clit into a frenzy as I think of his cock fucking me in my elegant lingerie that he lifts up and removes my panties and bends me over the chair and gets down and begins to lick me.

He then grabs me and fucks me, yes he fucks me watching his cock go in and out of me he begins to fuck me faster and deeper until we both cum with a shattering blow. Damn, I am so wet right now I must leave it at this and go fuck myself.