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We had been chatting on facebook for quite awhile or so it had seemed as one “friend” runs into another and it’s like I’m talking to the same person under different fb profiles. Of course that is exactly what is going on or am I suppose to pretend not to notice which I am observant and have caught many a signal. Yes, he is like criminal, always returning to the scene of the crime and he is so worried about what and who I am doing.

I’m doing no one but am waiting for our time to be together and I do hope he is in NY as that would not be good if it wasn’t him. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he wasn’t behind this whole NY thing because he is so damn romantic and caring and he wants to meet me in a very nice setting and I’m sure it’s going to be very nice and private. I am counting the days now and I am getting really excited about all this and I am liking it.

I hope he hasn’t set me up again for a major letdown as I couldn’t take it I really couldn’t, I like watching him jack off and I like chatting with him he seems kind of wound up when he first starts talking to me and then he relaxes, it’s cute lol. I do not understand all the mystery but I think I have a pretty good idea and I do not think I am all that excited one bit about the fan fare of his. I so do enjoy when we have mutual masturbation as we did the other night.

I went into my bedroom and pulled up my nightgown to my bare pubic bone and as I talked to him on the  cell  I could tell he was really jacking off and  it wouldn’t take anything for him to cum. I played with myself and out of no where came this awesome fucking orgasm. I think I was really turned on by listening to him masturbating as I think it’s really hot to share such an open sexual desire folder, why should people hide there desire for sex in different forms?

Why cheat when you can share these times with your significant other and I so do enjoy listening and watching, watching really makes me wet and I’m talking wet, dripping, slurping wet lol. I so adore watching his long lean fingers wrapped around his cock and knowing that I am the object of his obvious affection and that excites the hell out of me. Wish he were here right now so I could sit right down on his hard cock.