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regular and pocket size pleaser.

I have been without male companionship for the last three years and as well as recovering from husband demise and my fallers. I have fallen into constant physical gratification and I am not particular where

I self indulge. I am the type of woman that wants sex anytime or any place but I am not a nympho. I travel lightly and here are my friends and it always works great to keep the kids out of my wallet, it blows their minds that their mother would be so sexually charged. I know my son will look for a girl like me and I hope he does find her because I am one “rare bird” in many ways. I am very open with my children and yes they have seen me naked.

There is nothing that should be hidden as far as the body and being open actually keeps your kids from getting into shit. I do not think sex is dirty but quite beautiful when expressed in a romantic way. As you can see I am a BBW and quite proud of who I am and my attitude towares life. I want to just experience some romance, yes I want to lie in bed naked with you and just talk as I ran my hand slowly down your body in anticipation of feeling you inside me. I am so attracted to you, the inner soul, the person you really are. Hey, ok I wouldn’t mind taking your body for a spin but I am actually quite shy even though you would never think of me that way.

You always are on my mind and I always want to touch myself. I cannot leave home without my mini vibrator because I get so horny just thinking of you and I feel the need to fuck “you” right then and there. See what you have done to me? Turned me into a duracell investor, god makes me think of you always and this is so exiting for me. This has turned out to be fun, exititng and quite interesting and I adore it.