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I thought about the trip and when should I pack as I am not one for packing, I just a soon throw some shit into a bag and head out. But of course I won’t do that and won’t pack until the day before, hell it’s not like I’m going to need a lot of clothing that is for sure. I am not “slim and trim” by a long shot but I’m not a “sloppy” woman either but my body is me take it or leave it, because I prefer to dress this body in very sexy and hot lingerie because it makes me feel sexy and when I feel sexy the world is sexy to me.

I am fantasizing about being in his arms lieing naked next to him but first, first I am on the plane sitting in a row by myself and it’s so quiet that I just have to break out my travel size vibrator as I think about his hands and lips on my breasts and feeling his hand between my lies I slowly put “peanut” in position and think about him between my legs and the more I think of him and my feet start to lift on the ground as I stifle the most awesome orgasm I have had in a long time. I make it to my destination and get the rent-a-car and head to the motel.

I dump my luggage pull back the quilted blanket top cover because who knows what the hell is on that or when it was last washed, same with walking on the floor, got a thing about that to. Other’s people’s body fluids turn me off unless I am up close and personal with that person. I see myself getting naked and crawling in bed to grab a nap before he arrives. I am in quite a delightful dream as I am stimulated by the arousal my body is feeling.

I began to stir and move my legs to bend one knee and straighten one leg as I start to move my ass in my sleep and I am becoming more and more exciting as I feel a kiss on my neck. This was no dream no this was reality at its best as I turned over exposing my hard nipples. He said “hello” and bent down to kiss me and it was the most romantic kiss I have ever had as I began to undo his shirt, belt and pants. He crawled into bed and I ran my hand over his tight ass and thighs as he slid next to me and put his hand on my face to look at him.

It was a defining moment, a moment that only happens once in a lifetime, it’s a feeling you have never felt before and will never feel for another person, there is a mutual admiration and respect and a feeling that you will never feel again as it is a defining moment. One that can make or break a relationship, you just know if there is something there or there isn’t. We looked into each other’s eyes as if we both wondered what the other was thinking.

It was as if both of us were afraid of what the other was thinking, so we did the next best thing we kissed to hide our embarrassment and one kiss lead to another and down his chest and I took him into my mouth and rubbed his balls as he began to moan, he was hard harder then granite and he reached down and pulled me up and kissed me, rolled me over, pulled me up by my hips and entered me with the speed of a locomotive.

It felt good I must say a good “fuck me hard and deep” every once in a while is just what the doctor ordered and he shot hot semen into me and then he rolled me on my back. He began to masturbate me and I was so horny I came in no time. We laid back and relaxed and just enjoyed each other’s company until I asked if he was hungry and he said yes, so I offered to make him a swiss and bacon loaded omelet, which he hungrily agreed to.

I made him the omelette and some toast and I sat and fed him and myself from this massive plate of food and he enjoyed every bite as I can tell a happy food face. I then got a wash cloth and washed his body for him and then put cologne on his sexy ass. He was so exciting, his personality was like walking into a room full of flood lights, he had it all charisma, that look, that smile ya he was the proverbial “lady killer”. At least in his own mind……..