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Have you ever wanted to be with someone so bad they consumed your every waking moment and into your dreams? Have you ever had a connection with someone that was not of the earth but from the heavens? Have you ever had such a strong pull towards another person that it controls you and drags you along with it? Is it called love? I do not know but one thing is for certain, there are definitely people we are meant to have in our lives in one form or another.

I have “met” someone online years ago and he scammed me, yes he hurt me financially and that was my own stupidity but the strangest thing happened. We became “friends” to a certain degree and then emotions got deeper on both sides, I believe. It’s all such a strange phenomena how we get involved with people and share our lives with people we do not know. There has been a bond built between us and we are finally going to meet and put all the questions to rest.

That is, if he is a man of his word and follows through with meeting me, which I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he didn’t show up. I would hope he wouldn’t do that to me but one never knows these days now does one? I have no doubt he is involved with someone and that is a problem for me as I do not want to be involved in any situation causing another pain. He says he has never been able to figure me out and I have no clue what that means.

I am no mystery in fact I am so in your face obvious you can never question my motives, at least most of the times. I have messed with him and get such a kick out of it because he doesn’t know who he is talking to just as I do not. I have lead him to believe he was talking to a guy and boy did he get pissed, lmao. He is always following me online and he lives in my mac like mini capacitor. I do not know what he expects to find but I am an open book.

Unlike he is of course, but aren’t the arrogant fuckers always the ones that like to hide?