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We walked hand in hand out of the movie theatre and chatted about the flick we had just seen. It was one of those evenings that was cool and the sky was filled with stars and the calm was so inviting. We headed home after stopping and picking up several bottles of wine that both of us like.

We entered my home laughing and enjoying the time we finally had alone and we both needed to relax.  I got out the wine glasses as he removed the cork and filled our glasses and we sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. As we chatted and drank our wine hand holding moved into slow kisses as I placed my hand on the side of his face.

I moved my hand down his neck to his chest as I slowly ran my warm wet tongue around his ear and down his neck. My hands slowly unbuttoned his shirt as I continued to kiss his neck and down the opening of his shirt. Every movement was slow and enticing and I was in no hurry as making love is not to be hurried when I am involved.

I moved back up to his lips and slowly kissed his lips and slid my tongue into his mouth and met his tongue and we did the dance of love through the use of our mouths. He slowly undid my shirt and slid it off my shoulders exposing my breasts and erect nipples and he caressed my breasts with made me suck in my breath with delight and anticipation as I could feel the wetness seep from my loins.

I continued french kissing him which excited both of us but kissing is something we both so enjoy and we continued for quite sometime until I began to move down his neck and chest to his crotch as I ran my hands over his bare chest and his hands were running through my hair.

Everything moved in slow motion as I undid the button on his pants and unzipped them, slowly releasing his bulging and throbbing cock. As I licked the head of his cock and down the shaft his hands tightened in my hair and I could feel his excitement and pleasure as I took his fully erect cock into my mouth.

He was leaning back on  the couch and had spread his legs so he could be comfortable and he slid off his pants as I continued to bring delight to his manhood. As I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth his hands worked their way to my moistness and he gently entered me with his finger.

I spent quite a bit of time teasing and nibbling, fingering and kissing until he could no longer take it and shot his protein juice into my mouth as if it were a sweet nectar. We took a break and drank our wine as I laid my head on his chest and he put his arm around me telling me how wonderful I was sexually.

After a short time relaxing, he took my hand and lead me to my bedroom and sat me on the edge of my bed and kissed me passionately as he removed my jeans. As they hit the floor he kneeled down and began to kiss my feet taking my second toe into his mouth as he knew that was the location of the nerve that would shoot straight up to my crotch.

As I laid there my nipples were erect and aching for the touch, the mouth and the warmth of him. He kissed my calves and the inside of my thighs and finally resting his lips on my clit which he referred to as my succulent tidbit. He licked, sucked and nibbled as he fingered me which brought me to an earth shattering orgasm which turned into a non stop roller coaster ride of waves of pleasure that shook me to my core.

He spread my legs and entered me with his pulsating cock and he worked himself into me slowly until he was fully inside of me moving back and fourth slowly at first as he looked into my eyes. He quickened his pace with my legs now on his shoulders he thrust himself into me time and time again until we both came with barbaric screams of pleasure and I screamed out his name.

He crawled into bed next to me and as we laid naked and my leg on his thigh, hand on his chest we didn’t speak a word as the air was thick with emotion and no words were needed. We fell into a blissful sleep until he woke me up hours later only to repeat the earlier evenings events of pleasure.

Finally we fell into rest, my head on his chest and his arms around me, I have waited so long for this time and it makes life so much more exciting when you have someone to share it with, someone that enjoys the pleasures