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I was wearing my fish net outfit with matching red stockings and my high heels. I wanted to turn him on when he saw me and I was so ready to play. He entered the door and dropped his briefcase and grabbed me and kissed me with all he had. He bent me over the couch and fucked be deep and fast shooting his wad only seconds later.

I got a warm wash cloth and cleaned his body which he quite enjoyed. Later as we laid together I worked my way back down to his cock and inserted my lubed finger into his ass. As I stroked and licked his cock and fingered his as he once again shot his hot cum into my mouth and he had climax after climax.

He flipped me over onto all fours and entered me with the force of a  freight train. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard fast and dee and I was in ecstasy as he continued to fuck me . He finally came again and rubbed his limp cock between my boobs until he became hard once again.

He fucked my tits and used his hands to push my boobs together as he fucked them. He was so turned on he shot his wad up my neck and chin but he was still hard and ready again.