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He loves me in lingerie, red or black he really doesn’t care because he gets so turned on by the thought of what I am going to do to him. He enjoys the warm oil massages and how I wash him after we have sex.

He loves to play with my ass and take off my stockings and garterbelt and put my legs on his shoulders and he licks and sucks my wet juices. He brings me to a quick orgasm and then he turns me over and grabs my hips and thrusts his hardness into my waiting wetness.

He fucks me fast and deep and we both explode in orgasms that sends shivers down our spine. We love to fuck anytime anywhere, quickies are great but when we make love,  now that is something special.  

You want to fuck me so bad don’t you darling? Your cock is so damn hard but you cannot do anything about at the moment, which causes you discomfort. Are you looking for a bathroom to jack off in? 

To bad you don’t have the balls to taste the real thing, no you rather read and look at pics, o well your loss as someone is going to be fucking this wetness and it obviously will not be you.