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I love the feel and smell of clean sheets, they make me feel sexy and erotic. I love to play on clean sheets with the smoothness rubbing against my ass. I get wet thinking about throwing the covers on the floor and slithering under the flat sheet down to his cock. The thought of licking and sucking his balls and cock make me so damn hot.

I can feel his tight thighs as I slowly move my hand to his ass and insert my finger while I am jacking him off and sucking his balls. My head is on a pillow and he is on all fours with his cock in my mouth as he holds onto the head board. I insert another finger into his ass ass he begins to shoot his cum into my mouth and he is saying “O my God” several times as the orgasm was so strong and over took his senses.

We rest momentarily and he is hard again and he bends me over the side of the bed with my head near the floor, he spreads my legs and enters me fast and furiously. He is fucking me so good I can’t stand it and I lift my ass up so he can fuck me deeper each time. He is massaging my clit as he fucks me and I cum with wave after wave of orgasm.

We have a beyond healthy sex life which is always exciting and unexpected. We have sex whenever and where ever we feel like it. He loves anal and greasing my ass up makes him hard, real hard as he inserts his fingers to loosen me up. He enters me slowly and massages my clit at the same time as to distract me.

He enters me deeper and deeper and begins to fuck my ass slowly while massaging my clit. I begin to cum and scream out his name and he screams out my name saying he loves me. I guess that is some pretty good pussy for a man to say he loves me, wouldn’t you agree?