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It was a strange day as the weather was acting oddly and the sky was beginning to turn green as the wind picked up whipping the debri from the street around my ankles. The rain started slowly and the wind picked up to a fierce pace and the sky was ugly and mean which lead me to go into a custom shoe store.

I have always had problems with shoes fitting me properly because of my wide feet so this was a perfect place for me to run into out of the rain. I was a mess as my hair was blown all over the place including my face and I felt like a mess as the store owner walked up to me and offered me a towel to wipe the rain from my face.

Sitting in the a chair in the middle of the room was a gentleman that attracted me like bees to honey. He was everything I was looking for as he was tall and handsome and had biceps for days and I wondered what he had under those pants. The store owner introduced us and his name was Marcus and I was totally unaware of who he was.

He was a star quarterback for a famous football team and he acted surprized when I told him I had no idea who he was. I could tell he was a bit arrogant and that fame had touched his brain a bit to much. He was trying on his new shoes and he was quite pleased with his soon to be purchase.

He asked me if I would care to have dinner with him and I told him no, he was a bit taken back by my rejection and I could tell he was one of those guys that got what ever he wanted because of his fame. He asked me why I wouldn’t go to dinner with him and I told him he was to full of himself.

He looked like I had wounded him and he decided to take a different approach, he figured out that acting real for a change might work for him and it did. We ended up going to lunch and had a wonderful time as he began to draw me in slowly and grab my attention and I started to fantasize about how delicious he would taste.

Marcus asked me if I would like to come back to his hotel room so he could change his clothes and I agreed. We ended up in a suite that was huge and I sat in the drawing-room as he went to change. He came out dressed to the nines and offered me a glass of champagne, which I took and drank quickly.

He refilled my glass and we chatted for a while until I could no longer refrain myself and I stood up and wobbled a bit as the champagne took effect. He grabbed me before I fell over and I looked at him and laughed and he kissed me, he was a fantastic kisser and I could feel myself getting very wet.

We kissed for a while and then I stood back and looked him in the eyes and said to him ” do you really think you are going to get laid?” and he said “yes””. As soon as he said that I put my hands on his chest and ripped open his shirt with the buttons popping and flying everywhere.

I took control by taking his hand and leading him to the bed and had him sit down. I stood before him kissing him as he slid his hands up my skirt and he grabbed my ass and squeezed it the more I kissed him. He worked his way to my wetness and began to manipulate my clit which excited me so.

I stepped back and got on my knees and removed his shoes and sox and then his pants. He was way to hairy for my liking and I pushed him back on the bed and told him I like my men hairless from the neck down and he said the razor is in the bathroom and I went to get it and the shaving cream.

I came back and stood before him slowly removing my skirt and blouse and I had on the cutest little teddy underneath my clothing. He was instantly turned on and told me he liked bbw which made me feel great about myself. I put the shaving cream on his chest and shaved him naked and then worked my way down to his crotch.

He was a bit hesitant and made me promise I wouldn’t hurt him or cut him and I promised as I delicately shaved him and every time I touched his cock it would twitch and I thought he would end up cumming before I was done. I got a nice warm washcloth and wiped him down and dried him off.

I found some body oil in the bathroom and began to rub his calves with the oil as I sucked on his toe and he began to wiggle and move his body as if he was fucking someone. I worked my way up to his calves and began to lick his balls and the shaft of his throbbing cock.

I slowly licked his cock all the way up the shaft to the head of his cock and I flicked the head of his cock with my tongue and then I licked the underside of the head and took him into my mouth and I went up and down on his cock until he begged to fuck me. He removed my teddy and tossed me on the bed like a football.

He kissed me and fondled with my nipples which drove me crazy and I wanted him so bad I was aching. He sucked and nibbled on my nipples as he fingered me and played with my clit. He worked his way to my lips and we kissed seductively and then he worked his way down to my mound of sweetness.

He teased me unmercifully until I couldn’t stand it any longer and I began to cum and wave after wave of delectable orgasm shot through my body. He flipped me over and had me get on all fours and he used a dildo on my ass and clit which drove me insane and begging him to give me his cock.

He entered me and fucked me fast and furiously over and over again until he shot his hot cum into me. We laid beside each other and just laughed as we had thoroughly enjoyed each other. He told me he really enjoyed my company compared to other women he had been with and he thought I was different in a good way.

We went into the shower and he soaped me up and bent me over and began to finger my ass as he sat down on the shower chair. He had me turn around and face him as I lowered my ass onto his cock and slowly he entered my ass as we kissed. I worked myself down onto him and began going up and down on his hard cock and he came so fast I was shocked as much as he was.

After showering I dried him off and he put his fancy robe around my shoulders and lead me to the bed and pulled back the covers. I slid into the bed and he got in the other side and we cuddled and chatted until we both fell asleep in each others arms and I began to dream of the morning fucking I was looking forward too.