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You can not always be with the one you want to be with and he is so busy he has no time for himself let alone me. It had been so long since we were able to have sex and it was time, even if it was over the phone. I called him up and wanted to wish him a safe trip as I was going to bed.

I was nice and comfy in bed when I dialed his number and told him how much I missed him. I told him I needed some tender loving care and I wanted to remove his clothes and ride him like a bull. He laughed and I could tell he had that naughty laugh and could imagine what he was thinking.

He loved when I licked his balls and sucked his cock and made him almost cum and then stop. The teasing drove him crazy but he loved every minute of it and wanted all he could get. He really loved being touched slowly and stroked and he loved kissing, we both loved kissing so much.

Just the thought of our two bodies covered in oil in a big bedroom with candlelight and some wine makes me so wet and thinking of him between my legs makes me quiver. I want to feel him inside me and all over my naked body and I so want to taste every bit of him.