What happened to you? What happened to the boy that loved to ride bareback in the fields? What happened to the boy that enjoyed playing a prank on a friend or helping his mother bake bread? What happened to that boy? Were did he go? You have lost the little boy and have become to much of a man.

You don’t know how to let things happen and be silly, you no longer know how to walk hand in hand in the mist and enjoy just being together, you do not know how to be you because you do not know who you are and that is obvious by the way you follow me, the blind leading the blind at best….

Look at you, crows feet have set in and grey is touching your hair and whiskers, there is an emptiness in your eyes and they no longer laugh like they used to. What happened to you? What died and why? Why is your life so empty and incomplete? There is something very sad in your eyes and you are chasing the rabbit endlessly, when is enough enough?