I thought about “him” as I took off my night shirt and my mismatched pajama pants I climb into the clean sheets as I slide in they brush the cheeks of my naked ass. I reach over and place my hand on his chest and cradle my head into his shoulder and I place my knee on his hip and the bareness of my woman is touching his leg. We are comfortable and in a lazy mood as we lay there and he begins to check his email as he must constantly have computer access.

As we lay there he ticks off the countries he must visit that day and we talk about making dinner later on, he has promised to make me dinner and he is excited about returning home and he hasn’t even left yet. I begin to move my knee back and forth and I can feel him start to rise and all of a sudden he throws his ipad aside and grabs me and tells me he is going to take my womanhood, lol he acts like he is a knight in shining armor, lol.

He begins to kiss me and kiss my neck and he becomes very romantic as he forces my legs apart with his muscular legs, he enters me with the care of a glassmaker and he looks into my eyes and I can see so much love in his eyes that I am overcome by tears and he asked me if he was hurting me. I told him no that I was just having an emotional moment and he quickened his pace until we exploded into a delightful moment shared by two.