You would love to touch my skin wouldn’t you? You love to touch my bare breasts and emerge your fingers into my wetness and you would love to feel your body on mine, you wonder if my kisses are as sensual as I say they are and you wonder if I am sexual as well. You think of me all the time and you dream about me. Your greatest wish is to be with me, inside me and beside me.

You want to make love to me and you want to feel my lips on your lips on your neck, on your chest. You want to feel me make love to you and to make you experience something quite rare and beautiful. You want me as yours like I am a car, you want to drive me home and show me how romantic you really are and what a nice guy you really are.

You are making yourself crazy thinking about making love to me on all fours where you can drive into me with your manhood fully erect. You want these things so bad but will not make them your reality. You are cheating yourself out of the best time of your life and let me show you how to make love my way, let me show you my secrets and let me make you laugh.