I get a kick out of teasing “him” I know he sits there trying to get himself comfortable but it’s hard, no pun intended. lol He is a flirt like me and he can play the game as well as I can or so he thinks. Men are visual, they like to look at a woman’s body and they like to explore it as well. I like to explore a man’s body and the first thing I find exciting is when I can excite a man and it’s obvious, men can’t hide a woody and when a guy has a woody I like to give him one of those close tight hugs, lol.

I know if he ever gets it up and brings himself around I don’t know if I could ever get rid of him, I have everything he has always wanted and so much more but he is too afraid to go after what he wants and someone else will snatch me up soon enough. The funny thing is we are both shy and would find each other to be quite different from what we thought. I have been up front with my life but he hides his because he is constantly being used and has been throughout his life.

I hope and pray that one day we will meet and if it’s in Nigeria then he will be to late because I plan on being involved before April. I would respect him so much if he would come to me here because that would show me a part of him I have yet to see. If you hurt someone and you are sorry you have got to be man enough to stand up and apologize to their face and I respect someone so much that will take the time to try correct a wrong.