The sun was peeking through the drapes as I was trying to recover from a late night at the bar, I felt someone’s arm on my side and their body was up next to mine as if they were stealing my heat. The soft sound of snoring was a signal that there was a man in my bed and as the cobwebs were shaken from my mind I began to recall how the evening went. I went to dinner with friends who insisted on me trying the traditional fare of pepper soup and then we went onto the bar. I do not drink often but this night was a night of shots and dancing which was fun.

We were sitting at the table doing a shot when a guy walked up and started talking to my friends, he didn’t draw my attention because he had an air about him that didn’t excite me one bit. He sat down and acted as if he was a deer caught in the headlights and he didn’t say much. I found him to be boring and focused my direction on the dance floor and I asked my friend he would dance with me and we did, it was fun and we were laughing and having a great time when a slow dance started to play and we headed back to our table.

Mr. shy and boring grabbed my hand and asked me to dance with him and I did because, well I like to dance. He was quite good and he smelled delicious and it was fun, ya it was fun. We finished our dance and headed back to the table and he chose to sit next to me. We started doing more shots and I was more than loopy and placed my hand on his leg and started rubbing it as we talked, my hand eventually got more adventurous and he was a bit shocked which made me laugh because I love the shock effect.

We left the bar and my friends headed home and Mr. shy offered to see me back to my hotel and I invited him into my room. He sat down and I went to pee and took off my clothes in the bathroom leaving them on the floor as I was to drunk to pick them up without falling into the toilet. I walked out of the bathroom and he was a bit taken aback as I climbed into bed and told him he could join me if he so chose to but he had to leave his clothes on the chair. I could tell he thought he was going to get a quick fuck and go but that didn’t happen.

I was drunk but only drunk enough to be relaxed and let my real personality shine through and he crawled into bed next to me and got comfortable and I jumped out of bed, which scared the shit out of him lmao. I went to my suitcase and pulled out a few items for a special occasion and jumped back into bed and I told him he was my victim and I pushed him back onto the pillows. I slowly dripped scented oil onto his chest and down his body and set the bottle aside as I began to work the oil into his body.

He was already aroused and wanted to fuck me but I would have none of that as I rubbed the oil into his cock and balls and then I reached over and took the oil and dripped it onto my chest as I sat on my knees before him. I poured more oil on him and placed my chest onto his and rubbed my chest and his together as I began to slowly kiss him. The kiss was very slow and turned into something quite exciting as he was a great kisser and we made out for the longest time. He pushed me onto my back and started to work his way down my chest to my groin.

He kissed and touched me in ways I had never felt before and he went down on me bringing me to a shattering orgasm that made me grab his hair as I screamed out and lifted my ass off of the bed. I pulled him up to face me and pushed him back onto the bed and I worked my magic down his chest and to his stiff cock. I teased, licked and sucked him until he couldn’t hold back and shot his hot cum into my throat as I massaged his balls and fingered his ass. We went on like this all night until we fell asleep, a blissful sleep.

I got up out of bed and peed and climbed back into bed were he was awake and had been since 5 a.m. and he smiled and said good morning how do you feel? I actually felt pretty good but tired and told him so. We did not fuck but everything else and it was fun, it was comforting and it felt so right. He told me I was crazy and he laughed as I climbed back into bed and rested my head on his shoulder, he asked me if I would like to do something that day and I agreed, we went out for the day and got something to eat and we talked. 

We talked and talked as if we didn’t share what was on our minds would escape without warning. We came back to my room and fell into bed and took a nap and I woke up to him on his ipad and I wondered how many women he had in the wings and if I was just another fly by nighter in his life. We spent the next four days making love that was over the top and so fulfilling and we talked and talked and I couldn’t shut him up, Mr. shy and quiet opened up and poured out the person inside of himself.