We get pleasure from so many things and sex is one of those pleasures which people do not explore or enjoy to the fullest. Sex can be a quick act or it can be slow, exciting and bring two people closer together. Giving another pleasure is important in any relationship and I think it is at the top of the list. I like to kiss, yes I do and I like to kiss a man’s ears, neck, cheeks forhead, nose and his lips, I like to kiss a man’s chest and down to his groin and around his hardness.

I like to give a man warm oil massages starting in the middle of his back, up to his shoulders down to his ass and then I like to give him a prostrate massage. Women tend to ignore this part of a man’s body and they do not realize that massaging the prostrate and jacking off a man at the same time gives him the ultimate orgasm, the ultimate pleasure and an experience that any man surely loves. A man’s cock is sensative as well as his balls-down to his perineum or better known as the taint and his prostrate.

One must be gentle and have the essential oils to give a man the ultimate pleasure, slow and delicate entrance is a must and he must be relaxed and in the mood to experience this wonderful feeling. When you massage a man’s prostrate you are giving him pleasure that most men have never experienced and they so enjoy it. Yes, the anus can be an unclean area so I do recommend a shower before the two of you undertake this endeavor. When done properly a woman should kiss and tease the man’s cock while she is massaging his balls and the taint.

Using warm oil and a gentle move, slowly enter the man’s anus with your finger about one and one half inches and gently push your finger towards the penis and you will feel a walnut size gland known as the prostrate. Slowly and gently apply pressure in a massaging manner as you are stroking the man’s cock or giving him head. You will instantly feel his cock get rock hard, harder than it is normally and he cum more than he ever did prior to this experience.

When a man ejaculates he is expelling various liquids, some being water some being protein and you can tell if a man has to much salt in his diet by the taste of his cum. I do not mind when a man cums in my mouth as I realize it is part of his body and I always have a pop, juice or water available to wash the taste out of my mouth as most cum doesn’t taste all that great. When you really love someone giving them pleasure is your main goal in life, making them happy and pleasing them sexually is at the top of my list at least.

When I am sexually active with a man it is not a hit and run experience and that comes later when the two of you are comfortable making love first. The first time you have sex with anyone it is awkward and both usually go for the immediate orgasm because it seems to get the awkwardness out-of-the-way. I like romance and I think romance is the key to an erotic sexual experience for both partners and I like to move slowly so I can see the pleasure and hear the pleasure that I am giving him.

If you want a great relationship you must be open to new experiences and sometimes that includes a third party to spice things up a bit. You have to be secure with yourself and your partner and the love the two of you share cannot be destroyed by a third party adventure. I do not believe in giving hall passes as that opens up doors for more problems but I do believe in experiencing all types of sexual pleasure to keep one’s life exciting and refreshing.