Afternoon Delight – True Story I got to her apartment. She let me in. We hugged and shared a hot kiss. As I’m kissing her, my hands are caressing her back, and stroking her plump bottom. She is wearing loose fitting shorts. I slide my hands inside them. Only to find not panties, but a thong. I cup her ass cheeks in the palm of my hands. Spreading them apart and sliding my fingers up and down between her ass cheeks. I kiss and lick her neck and ears. She loves that and moans with pleasure. I pull her top off and lick her nipples.

Then lightly pull on them with my teeth. I pull my shirt off, and slide the hair on my chest against her chest, her nipples feel so good. I continue to kiss her lips, neck and ears. I slide my hands up and down her bare back, using my finger tips to lightly tease her skin. I love to caress the small of a womans back just above her bottom. It’s so soft and curvy, and I can sneak a feel of her ass cheeks. Yummy! As I’m caressing her she’s stroking my cock thru my jeans. Her hands feel good. She unbuckles my pants, and slides them off of me. My cock bulges out from my underwear. I slide her shorts off, and shes naked except for the white thong. I stand behind her kissing and licking the back of her neck. I grind my crotch against her bottom.

My cock fitting neatly between her cheeks. I slide it up and down between them. Those plump cheeks feel so good against my thighs. My hands cup her breasts and I pull on her nipples rolling them between my finger tips. I slide my hands up and down the front of her body, stroking the inside of her thighs with my palms. My thumbs teasing her thong. Its wet with pussy juice, and she smells so good. I slide a finger between her pussy lips. They come back wet. I rub my wet finger on her nipples, and under my nose. I cant wait to taste her juices on her nipples. We finish undressing and lie down on the couch. We share some hot kisses as my hands explore her body. Her hands caress the hair on my chest.

I caress the inside of her thighs, and slip my finger tips into her pussy. She is very wet! I slide my fingers up and down her wet slit, getting the lay of the land. Finding her clit, she kisses me harder as I stroke it. I push one finger deep inside her. She moans and pulls on my chest hair. I push a second finger into her, and I begin to kiss her neck and ears. Her moaning increases and I can feel her heart beat faster. I begin to finger fuck her. Sliding two finger in and out of her very wet pussy. I push them in deep, the tips find all the nooks and crannies inside her. “that feels so good” she says. As I finger fuck her she grabs my cock and strokes it. We get into a rhythm, out hands matching each other stroke for stroke.

I finger her clit with my thumb, and she cums. Small tremors and moans. I let her recover for a bit, as I pull her body against mine and caress her back and bottom. We share some tender kisses. I spread her legs and begin to kiss and lick her thighs. Holding her bottom in my hands I squeeze and caress her cheeks. I lightly lick the lips of her pussy, Up and down. I push my tongue in deeper, I find her clit and begin an assault with my tongue, first lightly licking, then rub my tongue against nice and firm, then suck on it lightly at first then harder. Finally light nibbles with my teeth. Then I start over again. Finding which sensation she likes best. She likes the light sucking alternated with flicks of the tongue. I push a finger into her pussy.

Hmmmmmmmm she likes that. I push a second finger into her and begin to finger fuck her, As I lick her pussy. She likes that. Her head is back eyes closed, moaning. Her legs are spread wide and her hips push up against my mouth. Yummy! I lick her till she cums. She give me hot kiss and pushes me on my back on the couch. She strokes my cock. The straddles my hips, and guides my cock into her pussy. She’s very wet. She begins to rock back and forth on my cock. My hands stroke her body. I pull on her nipples, and caress her breasts. She runs her hands through the hair on my chest. Then pulls her hands back, afraid to scratch me. I grab her hips and we get into a rhythm, and fuck like that for quite a while. But I need more friction, I need to stroke her pussy. I roll her on to her back, and plunge my cock into and begin to fuck her with long deep strokes. It so hot in the room. The sweat is streaming off our bodies, we slip and slide on each other as I fuck her. I can feel a big load building, I start stroking her pussy faster and harder. I begin to cum and slip out of he pussy. Spraying her stomach and the couch with my cum. That was delicious.