I think of him everyday and I think of backing him up against a wall and slowly kissing his neck, his ear and as I am kissing his lips I am slowly unbuttoning his shirt and running my hand over his chest as I continue to kiss his body as I unbutton each button and then I undo his belt. I undo the snap on his jeans and the zipper slowly glides down as I have a handful of hardness in one hand and slowly move my hand to his lower back and slide off his jeans.

He is running his hands through my hair as I slowly lower myself onto my knees and slowly pull down his jeans to his ankles. His boxer briefs quickly follow and his hardness springs free bouncing back and forth slightly as I begin to kiss his inner thighs. I remove each shoe and his sox and have him step out of his pants and boxers and I raise up and take him by the hand and have him sit on the end of the bed.

I slowly push him back and as he lies back on the bed I take one foot and begin to massage it and his ankle as I know that his ankles are his achilles heel and they are the reason for his career to be stopped dead in its tracks. I massage both of his feet and ankles and I take his second toe into my mouth very slowly and he can feel a sensation shoot up his leg into his groin.

I repeat this act on each toe and he is so excited he is digging his fingers into the satin comforter and he asks me to come up to him. I kiss his calves and inner thighs and then give his balls a quick lick as I work my tongue up his shaft. I massage his balls gently as I lick the pre cum from the head of his hardness and slowly take him into my mouth working my way down.

I wrap my hand around his shaft and work my magic with my  mouth and hand and he is going crazy with delight. I quicken my pace with my hand and mouth and I can feel him getting ready to cum and I work my way up his body as I kiss him and tease him with my lips. I take a nipple into my mouth as I stroke him and then I move to the other one and I can tell he is so enjoying this moment.

I ask him to move up to the pillows and I decide it’s time for me to get a little pleasure as well so I do a one eighty and position my clit upon his lips. He knows exactly what he is doing as he licks my moistness and I am deep throating his hardness. I am shocked at how quickly this man has brought me to an orgasm and as I explode so does he and I drink every bit of his explosion.

I am exhausted and physically drained as is he and I move off of him and fall into the bed with his arm around me as we both begin to laugh at how great this sex has been. Neither one of us ever has experienced such a shattering orgasm and not only is the sex great but his company is a total delight and one that I want to experience more of but I won’t push it and we will see where we go from here.