She laid out her attire on the bed for the evening she had planned. Her black garter, stockings, lace panties and bra were on the bed awaiting her body after she had showered. She walked around her king size bed with satin comforter and into the bathroom where hot water poured out of the shower head. She sat down her flute of champagne and dropped her red satin robe and kicked off her mules exposing a perfectly chiseled female body and she gingerly stepped into the shower. The water hit her head and down her shoulders and back and totally relaxed her as she thought about the evening ahead of her.

She picked up her loofah and added a lovely shower gel which smelled like lilacs in the spring but didn’t have to heady of a scent. She washed her arms and moved the loofah over her breasts and down to her crotch.

She washed each leg and put down the loofah and picked up her natural sponge soaping it up to wash her feminine parts and behind. She spread her legs and moved the sponge down over her hairless mound to her secret center and washed herself gently. She spread her cheeks by bending over slightly and washed between her cheeks leaving herself clean and feeling refreshed.

She stepped out of the shower and the water glistened on her soft skin then she picked up a plush towel and slowly dried every part of her body. She place one foot on the toilet and began to apply lotion to her leg and thigh and repeated this action with the other leg. She poured a generous amount of lotion into the palm of her hand and applied it to her abdomen, breasts and arms and then her ass.

She smelled wonderful and her skin was so soft to touch herself anywhere actually aroused her. She slipped her feet into her mules and picked up her robe and put it over her arm as she walked naked from the bathroom back into her bedroom.

She sat on the bed and put one foot into her panties and then the other followed by her garter belt. She took one stocking and rolled it up and slid her foot into it and worked it up to her thigh hooking it onto her garter.

Repeating this action with the other foot she felt devilish and erotic as she felt her satin panties cup her crotch and hug her ass. She put on her black lace bra and stepped into her beautiful Chanel outfit she had purchased just for this evening.

She sprayed herself with cologne and picked up her clutch purse ready for the evening. She wore no jewelry because she didn’t want to have anything distract her suitor from her eyes and smile.

She had a dazzling smile and her eyes twinkled like stars seen in the country at night. Her long blonde hair hung freely and pulled back away from her face which exposed her beautiful large doe like blue eyes.

The bell for the door rang and she answered it opening the door to a tall gentleman with a goatee and sheepish grin. He was obviously shy and unassuming but she knew behind that shyness was a man who knew what being sexy meant.

This man was sexy, he was hot and exciting and obviously a man who was quiet until you got to know him. He took her hand and walked her to his BMW and the warm summer night called for the roof to be down allowing the stars to light the insight of the car.

They drove and talked as if they had been together forever and the conversation was easy and light. They went to dinner and talked and found that they had quite a few things in common. He drove to the bank of the river and he turned off the car and put his arm around her and pulled her close.

He asked her if she would like to take an evening walk along the bank of the river and she said yes. He took a blanket out of the back seat of the car and a basket and he took her hand and they walked and talked.

He walked under a huge maple tree and put down the blanket and the basket and helped her sit down. He opened the basket and pulled out to champagne flutes and a bottle of Dom and he popped the cork.

He poured the champagne into the glasses and handed her a flute. They both took a sip and they continued to chat. After several glasses of champagne and interesting conversation he placed his hand on her cheek and told her how lovely she was.

She placed her hand on his cheek and told him that he wasn’t to bad either and she let out a little laugh. He bent over and kissed her lightly on the lips and then her cheek. He continued to kiss her neck and she laid back onto the blanket wrapping her arms around him pulling him into her.

They kissed gently and then deeply as their bodies acted like magnets pulling into each other. He ran his hand over her breasts and the v neck dress allowed him to free her breast from her satin bra.

He kissed her breast and slowly licked and sucked on her nipple making her suck in her breath. She ran her hand over his back and unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hand over his chest. As he pulled down the top of her dress to expose her other breast she slowly began to rub his crotch feeling his hardness and wanting him.

She undid his belt and unzipped his pants and slid her hands between his ass and the fabric of his shorts. She slid his pants down as far as she could and he had slid his hand up under her dress and worked his way past her lace panties.

He could feel her wetness and as he manipulated the core of center she was manipulating his cock. She stroked him and cupped his balls wanting him inside of her, wanting to feel his hardness slowly enter her.

He slowly pulled down her panties removing her high heels first and then her panties and he pulled off his pants. There bodies were silhouetted by the moon and he slowly maneuvered himself between her legs. He kissed her with every ounce of passion he had and slowly entered her.

She sucked in her breath as he slowly entered her tightness and he finally worked his way all the way inside of her. They rocked back and forth looking into each others eyes and the passion they had for each other was astounding. He had never felt what he was feeling at that moment and he had never been with a woman who excited him so.

They both began to climax with a thunderous roar and he couldn’t get enough of this woman, he couldn’t make love to her enough and he couldn’t control the spell she had cast upon him.

This woman was the woman of his hopes, his dreams and his wishes and he would never let her get away. He was all she had prayed for, dreamt of and wished for and together they would find the happiness that had alluded both of them.