It was girls night, yes the girls came over and we had one of our “drinking” parties as we did shots of tequilla and got seriously shit faced. We were having a grand time and then one of the girls decided we needed to play strip poker with all the girls. As the losers removed pieces of clothing the bottle ended up in the trash and another opened as we continued to play.

The more I drank the more clothing got removed and most of us were nearly naked when the doorbell rang. I weaved my way to the door and there he stood in all of his 6’1″ of glory. He decided to stop by unannounced and I let him in and slurring my words  asked him if he cared for a drink and then I laughed like a drunken fool. He said he would like a beer and so I gave him a beer and pulled him to the couch as I fell I pulled him down on top of me.

The girls were all drunk as well and decided that we needed a “nigger pile” as it was referred to when we were younger. All the women jumped on us and started removing his clothing. He was down to his boxer briefs when the girls pulled him off the couch and lead him into the bedroom as they laughed and I followed. My friends are all quite beautiful women and so very sexy and he was enjoying all the attention.

They pushed him on the bed and someone removed his briefs and started playing “this little piggy” with his cock as she was beyond drunk. The other women began to kiss his chest and fondle him as if he was a toy and I was too drunk to stop and didn’t know if I would if I could. He was in a state of shock but enjoying every moment he kissed only me as he was getting his toes sucked, his cock licked and his balls massaged.

One of my friends was giving him a blowjob that made him shoot his wad as he fondled my body and kissed me and he was having the time of his life. He had never been so aroused by so many women at one time and this was different, this was fun and exciting for him.  His cock got hard rather quickly again and he was ready for a ride, yes he wanted to fuck me and only me while the others watched.

He kissed me and entered me as the women oo’d and ahh’d and he rode me like a cowboy riding a bull he had my legs up in the air as he drove himself deeper and deeper into me. He then had me turn over and get on all fours as he fucked me deep grabbing my hips and pushing into the depths of my inner soul. He was enjoying every minute of this and we both came with a very loud outburst.

He laid next to me as the girls applauded his performance and they actually got paper and pen and gave him scores, lol. It was a fun night, something different and all of us had a great time. We ended up passing out only to wake up to a trashed house as the table was filled with empty bottles and random pieces of ladies clothing laid on the floor and couch.