He came out of the shower with droplets of water glistening on his body and he wrapped the towel around his waist. Standing in front of the mirror looking at himself not sure of who he really was. I walked up behind him and rubbed his sweet cheeks and slowly removed his towel as I kissed his neck and snuggled up against him. My hands slowly found their way to his manhood and I slowly stroked him and cupped his balls as my breasts touched his back.

He became erect without any hesitation and he leaned back into me as I stroked his manhood, I turned him around and our bodies nestled together as we kissed and fondled each other. I moved my legs apart and rubbed myself up against his thigh as he touched my wetness. I played and fondled him and leaned him back against the counter as I kissed his chest and slowly worked my way down to the spot that would make him crazy with desire.

My hands ran over his chest and down to his hips as I got on my knees to please him, give him the release he so needed and my touch was so exciting to him. He ran his hands through my hair as I slowly kissed and licked his manhood, one hand stroking him and the other cupping his balls and the pleasure took over. His hand entwined in my hair and as I took him into my mouth he applied pressure to my head with his hands.

He was loving every minute of this and he missed these moments when he was traveling, he missed the intimacy and he missed the great sex. He was so close to exploding and he had me stand up and cupped my ass and lifted me onto the counter. He spread my legs with the strong thighs that he had and thrust into me with the power and strength of a man in charge. My legs were on his shoulders as he drove himself into me time and time again and then we exploded with pleasure together, the way a couple that loved each other should.