Men fear strong women for various reasons but the number one reason is they fear losing control in the relationship. What men do not realize is a strong woman is the key to a man’s happiness in many ways. A strong woman will bring out the best in any man and she will always push him to be and do his best.

Strong women are confident and that is sexy and strong women can be submissive at the same time. You have to know when to be submissive in any relationship but an intimate one requires submissiveness to a certain degree. I do not believe any man should come home from work without a meal on the table and his wife waiting to please him.

Is this wrong? Nope, it’s what makes relationships work believe it or not. People marry young because they think they are in love and yes I guess they are but it’s not a mature love. They grow with their partner and they actually train their partner in many ways and everything is happy go lucky until someone realizes they have cheated themselves out of adult relationships.

Eventually sex dwindles to a rare occasion or even given as a gift or reward like a birthday present and the two eventually grow apart and no longer find fulfillment in their happily ever after. Their spouse no longer treats them special or does special things for them and then the hammer falls, the man no longer holds his position in the work force by way of injury, retirement ect.

When a man loses the applause he loses himself because men are taught to associate their entire life and who they are with their jobs or careers and when that is gone and the relationship fizzles then what else does a man have? He begins to reevaluate his life and his happiness and his head turns and then the right opportunity presents itself and he is in bed with another woman.

This gives him the euphoric feeling he felt when he first fell in love and he wants that again, he needs that again. A strong woman will give a man so much more than any weak ever woman could and when you spend time with a woman of strength you find you like that very much as long as she doesn’t try to control you.

A strong woman doesnt need to control anyone because she is secure in herself as well as her partner and she knows that a man needs to be built up not torn down and she does her best to give him just that. A strong woman will love you to distraction and challenge you when you need it but she never will take away from you only enhance your life.