Some people have that look in their eyes that is so attractive, so luring, undeniably beautiful and they draw us in. The eyes can show innocence, lust, desire, a sensual being and those eyes make us want to know more about the person behind them. Even though she wore a see through white linen dress it was her eyes that  had attracted him from the start.

Those eyes made him want her and he desired her as he became to know the mysterious woman behind the big blue eyes. Yes, she was a very sensual woman but more than that she was able to  convey emotion through words and those words were the way she lived her life.

He wished he could express himself in life as well as with pen to paper the way she did because the emotion is what he wanted, what he wanted to feel, to share with others. Sure he could buy stuff all day long but it was the romance of life he missed and it was a woman like her that brought back the life to his life.

He wanted her so bad but that would mean making the biggest change in his life he had made in almost twenty five years. He knew he couldn’t stay where he was at but he also couldn’t decide if he was ready to move into a knew phase of life but he was coming to a decision either way.

He looked at her pictures over and over and he dreamed of lieing next to her, touching her bare skin, making love to her, he fantasized about waking up with his arm around her and the morning sex and then sharing a hot shower together. He would mentally drift off in thought of sharing the day with her and the hearing the laughter coming from her and how his heart skipped a beat just being with her.

They were the proverbial soul mates that so many wish to experience such a relationship between two people and finally he had found his diamond in the rough. She was everything he needed, wanted and desired she was what he had been missing for years and he was not going to lose the very person that made his heart sing once again, that made his life worth living.